Growing Up in the Blue Mountains

by katkinson,

It's been really special to grow up in the mountains and around the bush and I have lots of memories and experiences of going for bush walks, finding caves and climbing across fallen trees. We were always playing outdoors and rarely wanted to come inside.

As a teenager I was beginning to think that it was a boring place to live, but after also joining the Youth Council I've realised all the different things and events to get involved in and that there actually is lots of things for us to do. I've been able to experience the mountains in a different way, by exploring more of the upper mountains, going on hikes around Katoomba and enjoying other opportunities for teenagers in the mountains.

The mountains isn't just about going on bush walks - there's such a strong sense of community, a variety of cute and quirky cafes and boutiques, markets, community theaters, music, and art for everyone to enjoy.

The best part of growing up in the mountains is being surrounded by such natural beauty and an environment and community that most people never experience.

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