Growing up in the Blue Mountains - the 70s & 80s

I remember playing in the bush and how exciting it was to explore the bush near my grandmother's house in Blaxland. I would look for animals (but avoid snakes), play hide and seek with the neighbours' kids, paint with clay on the rocks and generally walk along the paths. The best thing was to feel a part of the natural surroundings.

I also enjoyed going to the Blaxland East shops to buy lollies!

Sometimes I went with my grandmother to the Blaxland East Public School where she worked. There was a friendly and accepting community atmosphere there.

Going to high school in the upper mountains, I remember catching the train every day and catching up with all my friends on the train. In the old trains of the early 80s, we used to turn the lights off in the Glenbrook tunnel and be thrilled by the pitch black darkness.

I remember the cold and sometimes going back down the mountains feeling freezing and damp on the old trains. Seeing snow in winter was wonderful.

Overall, it was a great experience growing up in the Blue Mountains.

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