My reasoning for joining youth council

by Paul Mukhin,

My reasoning for joining youth council was to express my views and thoughts and to help others build and realise theirs, as well as acting as a representative of youth across the mountains. On top of all that, I wanted to become more involved in society and to gain skills which I'd otherwise won't be able to get elsewhere.

The youth council is also a rewarding experience, where I can meet people of differing views and opinions and undergo discussions on the topics which are related to us, and one which gives youth the power to build and pass matters relating to youth. Even outside of the youth council, we're given opportunities for us to build our skillsets and involvement with information relayed to us about whatever there might be going on within the Blue Mountains and Sydney area.

All in all, this is a very rewarding experience and one which I'd advise others to join if they have the time and willingness to undertake such an event.

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