When will the project be complete?

    The upgrade works on the park will be complete by 11 December 2015.  The main part of the project has been contracted to Better View Landscapes.  

    Much of the Art Project will be completed by that date.  It is anticipated that the Wall Mosaic will be in place, and a number of Mosaic Stepping Stones will be ready.  Further works on the Mosaic Wall and Mosaic Stepping Stones will continue after this date.  

    Who do I contact for more information?

    For more information, and to leave your details for updates on the project, please contact:

    Nathan Summers

    Recreation Development Officer

    Blue Mountains City Council

    Ph: 4780 5573

    Email: nsummers@bmcc.nsw.gov.au

    How can I be involved?

    Art Project

    The Art component of this project is currently underway, and you are encouraged to be part of this.  This includes,

    (i) Mosaic Wall.

    (ii) Mosaic Stepping Stones

    Workshops for the Art Project are being co-ordinated through the Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre. To be involved, contact Morna Colbram on 4754 4050.

    In addition to this, you may be involved in supplying cut out shapes to go on the new concrete loop path in the park. This will take place in November, and is being co-ordinated through the Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre.  

    Opening Event

    An opening event will take place after the 11 December 2015.  The wider Yellow Rock community will be notified when this takes place.  If you have ideas, or would like to help with the opening, you are more than welcome! Please contact the Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre on 4754 4050 to discuss further.  

    Previous stages of involvement

    Previous stages of involvement in the project have included,

    • Exhibition of the Draft Plan for the upgrade of Yellow Rock Park in May 2015.
    • Community Survey - disseminated to the Yellow Rock community for ideas on the park project.
    • Focussed consultation - Targetted consultation to local Primary Schools and High Schools.
    • Initial community meeting held at the Winmalee Guide Hall at the commencement of the project in 11 November 2014.

    Steering Group

    A Steering Group was formed from community representatives to help guide this project and to represent peoples ideas.  The contact details of the Steering Group can be viewed from the  library section of this page.  

    What is the background to the project funding

    The Yellow Rock Community Space Project has been funded and supported from a number of sources. These include,

    • Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal Grants
    • Blue Mountains Flexible Community Grants Program
    • Blue Mountains Church
    • Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre
    • Blue Mountains City Council

    At present, there is approximately $95,000 available for

    • Developing a Community Space
    • Art Project
    • Playground upgrade

    More specificially the funding breakdown includes,

    • Foundation for Rural & Regional Grants,       Play Equipment                    -  $10,000
    • Blue Mountaiins City Council contribution,     Play Equipment                    -  $20,000
    • Blue Mountains Flexible Community Grants, Develop Community Space  -  $50,000
    • Foundation for Rural & Regional Grants,       Art Project                             -  $15,000

    Further contributions, including both funds and in kind, are being made by the Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre, Yellow Rock Residents Assocation, Blue Mountains Church, Blue Mountains City Council.  This includes things such as financial contributions, specialist advice, consultation & information gathering, meeting facilitation, community networing, promotion, design, site survey, project management of construction, supply art materials.  This in kind contribution is valued to approximately $40,000.   






    What part of Yellow Rock Reserve will this project focus on?

    Yellow Rock Reserve covers an area of 12.1ha.  Most of this is native bushland extending to the escarpment towards Yellowmundee Recreation Area. The terrain over much of this Reserve is intersected by steep sandstone gullies. 

    The flattest part of this Reserve is on the South West corner, which includes the established playground space at Illingworth Road.  This flatter area is also composed of a threatened vegetation community known as Turpentine Ironbark Forest

    This project will primarily focus on the established playground area, and also on the flatter space on the South West corner. The threatened Turpentine Ironbark Forest however will pose some constraints on what can take place in this area.   

    How can I comment on the Draft Plan that is on exhibition?

    Your feedback is welcome, and can be provided in the following ways,

    1) Online using the comments form on this page. 

    2)  Written comment can also be made by letter or email marked ‘Comments: Yellow Rock Park Project – File F02370’, can be forwarded in the following

    PostGeneral Manager, Blue Mountains City Council, Locked Bag 1005, KATOOMBA, 2780


    Hand deliver:  - Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre, 62 White Cross Road; or

                           - Letterbox of:  24 Cooroy Crescent, Yellow Rock;  or 

                           - Springwood Library;  or

                           - At the information session

    Please send comments by midnight Sunday 31 May 2015.


    What is a Turpentine Ironbark Forest?

    Turpentine Ironbark Forest occurs in the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney, where less than 4.5% of the original remnants remain.

    This plant community grows where there is an influence of shale in the soil.  In the Winmalee area, this is usually on the ridgetops. Ironbark trees and Turpentines are found in these communities, along with trees such as Grey Gums and Forest Oaks (Allocasuarina torulosa).

    Most remnants in Yellow Rock are on private property.

    Turpentine Ironbark Forest forms part of Yellow Rock Reserve, on the South West corner. 

    It is highly valuable and is protected by law.  It is protected as an endangered community under,

    (i)  Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995  [NSW STATE]

    (ii)  Environmental Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999  [FEDERAL]

    These laws make removal of any trees in Yellow Rock Reserve subject to permission from NSW Office of Environmental & Heritage, and Aust Govt Office of Environment.