Do you agree with the categories of the trial Wildlife Protection Areas?

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

The two proposed trial WPA sites are listed below along with the size of the reserve, the proposed categories of WPA being recommended and the size of the prohibition areas. 



Area of WPA (Cat1/Cat2)



Sassafras Gully

Bonnie Doon

41.80 ha (Cat 1)/1.6ha (Cat 2)

59.97 ha (Cat 1)/0.51ha (Cat 2)

 Wildlife Protection Areas can be declared as one of two categories:

  • Category 1 lands prohibit both cats and dogs as per S.30 c.1(b) and S.14 c. 1(h) of the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998.
  • Category 2 lands prohibit cats as per S.30 c.1(b) of the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998.  Dogs that are on a leash will be permitted on formed tracks, pathways or roads in Category 2 lands.

The proposed categories of the trial WPAs at Bonnie Doon and Sassafras Gully Reserve will allow the evaluation of both Category 1 and 2 lands.

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This consultation has concluded.

  • Norman over 8 years ago
    Seems like a good size to trial. Although not much compared to what the council owns... maybe have a checkpoint before 5 years - eg 2 years, and propose some other areas ?
  • Holo over 8 years ago
    I see these Cat 2 corridors through the middle of Cat 1 land as being potentially confusing and creating enforcement difficulties.
    I personally would prefer simple Cat 1 everywhere.
  • bush bird over 8 years ago
    Dog owners have many places to take their dogs in the mountains, degraded land, parks and off leash areas at great cost to all ratepayers.

    WPA's should be for wildlife. Even National Parks which are believed to be safe for native wildlife are invaded by feral animals and in the mtns domestic cats and dogs!
    So category one lands are better for wildlife i.e., NO cats and NO dogs