The battle for space between trees and roads.

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

Council is responsible for managing local roads as well as footpaths street trees, signs, kerbs and gutters and other street infrastructure. How do you think this is best achieved?

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  • lawson18 over 10 years ago
    I believe the balance is fine. The streetscape should include native trees and shrubs. Dangerous trees with large overhangs need to be identified, using a hazard risk matrix and attended to according to priority. I'm very happy living in Ridge Street Lawson - peaceful and quiet.
    Also, Council seems to be using a poor grade of cold mix bitumen to repair the roads. Jersey Ave, Leura is a good example. It just breaks up, especially after rain. BMCC needs to look at using a quality hot mix.
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    • Lawsonite over 10 years ago
      "Ridge Street Lawson - peaceful and quiet."

      You have to be kidding! You don't hear or notice the constant stream of cement trucks, semis and those speed maniacs who drive the small trucks for a certain builder's supply business in Ridge Street ? These pests are just as bad using Adelaide St.

      If only I was a Highway Patrol officer, I'd park in Ridge & Adelaide Sts most of the day with a radar gun.
  • Redacted user over 10 years ago
    Many of the plant species chosen grow to a height of 10 metres or more. This will impact on power lines.
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    • bmccteam2 about 10 years ago
      Quite right - thank you for bringing this up. Council is very aware of this and has ensured every Street Tree Map in Section 3 of the document contains a disclaimer that every individual tree planting site must be assessed for precisely this type of issue. The emphasis on larger trees arises because many of the smaller trees are unsuitable as they have a low branching habit, impeding sightlines, pedestrian access, and sometimes car doors. Thanks again for you comments.
  • why? over 10 years ago
    If council is serious about our world heritage listing it will find a balance between cars & trees. If we want hard sufaces we could live in inner Sydney.
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    • Lawsonite over 10 years ago
      Agree. I'll be on my own on this one I guess, but one of the reasons I moved up here was because of the lack of footpaths, gutters etc. And the concrete block shops we're about to get in Lawson.

      I don't want the Mountains just to be an extension of the ugliness of Sydney suburbs.