What is a Masterplan?

    A Masterplan is a long term strategic framework. It is evolving and created as a guide to inform the future development of a place. The process that the McGregor Coxall team will apply considers the current and future needs of the community - what’s working, what’s not, what are the unique qualities of the town centre and understanding how each of these can shape the future. The Springwood Town Centre Masterplan will provide a creative and innovative framework to strengthen the town centre while ensuring Springwood’s character is preserved and enhanced. The Masterplan will synthesis the goals developed through rigorous community engagement and define a realistic plan for implementation.

    Why do we need a masterplan?

    In 1995 a Town Centre Masterplan for Springwood was undertaken, serving as a driving strategic document for the development of Springwood since that time. Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) is seeking to prepare an updated Masterplan for Springwood Town Centre in close consultation with all stakeholders. 

    What is Placemaking?

    The term place making has been used in many discussions right around the world in recent times. Put simply place making is the process through which we collectively shape our public spaces to maximise shared value. With the community being at the heart of place making, community participation is critical with place making involving the planning, design, management and programming of public spaces. More than just creating better design of public spaces, place making facilitates creative patterns of activities and connections (cultural, economic, social, ecological) that define a place and supports its ongoing evolution.

    Is this not just going to be ‘another’ plan?

    Traditional masterplanning approaches that characterise modern society have resulted in masterplans that are over-determined, rigid and by their very nature lack the ability to change and adapt over time. Masterplans are frequently driven by financial growth rather than real placemaking that builds on a local community’s needs. 
    The McGregor Coxall team has developed a town centre revitalisation approach that intrinsically integrates both masterplanning and placemaking together. Crucial to this approach is that masterplanning strategies show a commitment to establishing flexible and changeable solutions to people’s needs. At the heart of this response must be the recognition of the uniqueness of place and that these unique places are created and shaped by the people who use them. 
    McGregor Coxall’s team has the skills and proven ability to deliver a community focussed masterplan that is underpinned by realistic outcomes that can be implemented over a short to medium term timeframe. 

    How long will this process go for?

    Blue Mountains City Council has been working towards this masterplanning processs over the last 12 months. In March 2015, Council appointed the McGregor Coxall team to undertaken the preparation of the Springwood Town Centre Masterplan and this process is envisaged to be completed by the end of 2015. Keep checking this website for project updates and ongoing ways that you can be involved in the development of the comprehensive Masterplan for Springwood Town Centre.