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Tell us in 30 words of less "What is your BIG idea for the future of Springwood Town Centre"

almost 5 years ago

Consultation has concluded.

  • kwaka over 4 years ago
    Springwood is a mountain town that has a village atmosphere. It seriously does not need to be revamped as if it was an inner city ghetto with more temporary activity spaces or gardens and trees. It certainly does not need the diversion of shoppers away from the main street. Your proposals would send locals further afield for their daily needs as they find it harder to park . A full page graphic and quote “Change is the only constant “ you attribute to Heraclitus is just window dressing, besides it is a misquote. Try “Everything changes and nothing stands still.”The picture of the ‘laneway’ next to the Westpac bank is not a lane way but their drive way to employee parking.The real laneways could not fit cluttering activities in them.I am seriously against the removal of parking spaces, the widening of footpaths and cycle ways on the main street. Seems the proposals are aimed at minority groups of inner city yuppies, just send them up the road to Leura.Rest Park needs major improvements and removal of the closed toilet block.Telstra Park needs maintaince but not a play centre. Who would look after it? Improve the centre at the Baby Centre. ‘No’ Manners Park could have the seats removed as most users seem to sit on the tables rather than the seats.Macquarie Road does not need increased footpath widths and definitely not larger trees unless you would like footpaths and roads lifted.Town Square size is fine as it is, dining is further up and down the street and the shops. We do not need more buskers.Buckland Park used to have play equipment until it was deemed unsafe. The park seriously does not need to be connected to the Community Hub (breadbox).We do not need to make the town more combustible by planting more Indigenous species into town or bringing the bush through the town.Establish more trees and pits between parking spaces in town centre streets is not a good idea unless you would like less shoppers parking and more garden maintenance costs.The tree/ gardens along the main street are away from the gutter so the road does not flood when Springwood has its very heavy rainstorms.The native sharp bladed and spiky grass that obscures the lane between the railway line and the upper carpark between the Post Office and IGA could be replaced with easy care low succulents. I was horrified when I heard one proposal of lowering that car park to street level. Good bye views and hello ramps and flooding.
  • cucv23 almost 5 years ago
    I would like to see Rest Park overhauled. Remove the old toilet block - It's permanently closed.Remove the excess bush / overgrown weeds at the rear of the park and put a bin somewhere.
  • andymarks72 over 4 years ago
    Overall existing parks and playgrounds along Macquarie Road to create a decent place for kids to play. Clear the overgrown vacant block adjacent to the Macquarie-Hawkesbury Rds roundabout. Allow a Coles or Woolies at the IGA behind the Ori. Plant a canopy of large deciduous trees along the shopping strip.
  • archie25514 over 4 years ago
    Having just spent Sunday morning with my grandchild in the play area at Health Center next to IGA I would like see a complete overhall. The bark ground cover is not appropriate. It is filthy and may hide any number of nasties. The equipment is a tad unsafe as well. The rocking horse could cause a small child to nock there teeth out.
  • Emma Priya Gibson almost 5 years ago
    It would be great to see more green spaces. There are two parks in Springwood and both a terrible. Some nice green park space that allows to you relax and allow children somewhere to play, while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. A greater emphasis on community events, local markets using the public space available etc. Creating events that support local business while facilitating a more communal community for everyone.
    • theorangekombi over 4 years ago
      My kids and I use the arts school square to 'hang' in springwood. I wish it was extended out into (and above) the car park further with some more trees and turned into the town plaza. For me this small area is the real heart of springwood, all ages seem to use it. It has the potential for some great views to the west too.
    • kwaka over 4 years ago
      Try Buttenshaw Park if you want your kids to run around. And there are 5 parks in Springwood not two. As to fitting more in there is no room in the three streets around the shopping to fit them unless you would like the conservation area below Springwood Ave to be redeveloped.
  • Liz over 4 years ago
    I like some of the ideas in the draft masterplan eg more community use of the main street and also more appealing streetscape, trees and landscaping. However the parks are not practical as they are too small and dispersed. If a larger space could be allocated in the centre of Macquarie Rd and play equipment installed, this would enable families etc to take time out of shopping and also help build community. Also the footpath surface in front of the shops, ie black bitumen is discoloured and needs to be replaced with a more practical and aesthetically pleasing surface. While I agree that Springwood could benefit from having another supermarket chain to provide residents with an alternative to Coles at Winmalee, if this is being considered it can't be allowed to change the feeling of community that you get when you go to Springwood. Shopping in Springwood is something that locals enjoy because it is different from the experience that you can get in places like Penrith where "mall" shopping is uniform in offerings and a bland experience. Importantly, we need to ensure that any supermarket chain would in no way impose itself on the appearance of the main street. A location at the back of Macquarie Rd might be an option but with a low profile frontage and signage. Parking would have to be under the building given the space for parking in Springwood. My overall concern is how improvements are to be paid for. If this would involve selling or transferring public land to private buyers, then I think we should be told from the outset that this is being considered.
  • Dean over 4 years ago
    Connect David Rd (west) to David Rd East, with new roundabout on Macquarie Rd and De Chair Ave to provide better and alternate eastern traffic and/or bicycle flows, like Springwood Ave does to the the west. This will also provide better bush fire safety too with direct access to bush fire on the eastern side of town.
  • mharen over 4 years ago
    Reintroduce markets to the Hub area (that were previosly held in old community hall which was replace by Hub). Also, reintroduce all classes previously held @ Neighbourhood Centre - they are in what was supposed to be 'short term option' spaces scattered all over Springwood area, rather than one central building, otherwise change the name of the Springwood Library & Community Hub to reflect the fact it no longer caters to community services!
  • TB almost 5 years ago
    While I agree with comments of encouraging bicycle use, both cycleways and storage, and encourage locals to grow and sell fresh fruit and veg where the community can share the food they've grown, but the largest issue to Springwood is competitive supermarket. The majority of families from mid mountain suburbs are driving to Penrith, Emu Plains, Winmalee, or Katoomba for their major food shop. Allow a Woolies & Aldi to build in Springwood.
  • bech9 almost 5 years ago
    Turn one of the 2 awful parks currently on Macquarie rd into a decent play space for kids with some picnic tables and benches. As a mum of two young children, I would love to be able to have somewhere to go in town to meet friends and have a coffee while the kids play. It would also be great to have a community garden space for growing vegies/ fruit.
  • Gb almost 5 years ago
    Big idea - put the train line and Springwood station underground to enable the use of more of the land up top. Better access to the town via flyovers direct from the highway rather than a small contested side road. Better night-life, restaurants, less pizza places, longer opening times. Build a multi level car park shopping complex over the main IGA car park, bring an Aldi to the other IGA complex near the Ori, better parks for kids.Start planning/building now for a bigger inevitable Springwood otherwise once Sydney grows to our doorstep we'll be left behind and people complaining that no one visits.
  • Jo Tabone almost 5 years ago
    A community growing space for fresh fruit and veg where the community can share the food they've grown, educate themselves and promote LOCAL, fresh produce. Families, individuals, retirees all benefit and Springwood moves forward in a positive way.
  • Debra Heath almost 5 years ago
    More stores need to open on Sunday. I always see people looking in the store windows after leaving one of the many cafes. They might have wanted to spend a bit more money but can't.We need a major supermarket, not only to bring more trade to the town but also to offer part time work opportunities for our kids.
  • Jonathan Maddox almost 5 years ago
    Improve pedestrian access from Station Street and Ferguson Road ... there's currently only a level crossing and the multi-story carpark. Pedestrians aren't supposed to cross under the actual bridge. This is pretty hostile. I wouldn't quite want to take the carpark away, I know it is an important amenity for commuters from way down Hawkesbury Road and other places far from the railway line, but I definitely find it less than congenial. Both sides of the station should be friendly public spaces with, as "theorangekombi" puts it, "high passive surveillance".I add my votes in favour of the other suggestions of cycling thoroughfares and secure cycle parking, a more pleasant urban park, better toilets, and yes, the basic competitive grocery shop we always find ourselves driving out to Winmalee or Penrith for.
  • michelleab almost 5 years ago
    Better facilities for children and families. Fully fenced park with new equipment and access to toilets. More activities in town for families - take a leaf out of Penrith Council's book with their innovative and interesting activities. Even Lithgow is leading the way with their current Mother's Day event in their town.Beautification of the street. A vertical garden on a wall in the town square - something that can be changed throughout the year in tune with town events or the seasons. Something schools can get involved with theming. Colourful hanging baskets down the main street. Better facilities for bikes and cyclists.
  • theorangekombi almost 5 years ago
    Facilities that encourage bicycle use for all the commuters heading to the train station. Provide free, safe, dry bike lock ups with high passive surveillance from the street. Don't build a bigger car park! Celebrate the commuter culture!
  • PRL almost 5 years ago
    Springwood as a centre for theatre, film and other cultural events now there is a decent venue.
  • PRL almost 5 years ago
    A town centre with all services and amenities so residents don't need to go to Penrith, Emu Plains, Winmalee, or Katoomba.
  • Murray almost 5 years ago
    A multi-level centre over southern BMCC park. “Hub” type entry over town square. Upper shops face southern views. Two levels of parking allows refurbishment of Macquarie St.
  • Tamara almost 5 years ago
    I would like to see the continued success of innovative small businesses along Macquarie Road without the introduction of Woolworths and the like. More up to date and imaginative play spaces for children.