1. What is a Planning Proposal

    A planning proposal is a document which, creates or amends a Local Environmental Plan (LEPs) and is generally prepared by local council.  Planning proposals are initially assessed by the Department of Planning& Environment (P & E) to determine whether they have sufficient merit to proceed. This is called the ‘Gateway’ process.

    2. What is in the Planning Proposal?

    The planning proposal must include specific information as set out by the Department of Planning and Environment including:

    ·  The intended effect of the proposal;

    ·  An explanation of the provisions to be included;

    ·  Details of community consultation; and

    ·  The justification for the proposal.

    The Department issued guidelines, ‘Planning Proposals: A guide to preparing planning proposals’, to assist in the preparation of planning proposals.  These guidelines are available on the internet.

    3. What happens after the consultation period finishes?

    The consultation period is step 3 of the ‘Gateway ‘ process, which has 5 steps as detailed below:

    1.  Planning Proposal is prepared in accordance with the Department’s requirements and presented to the Council.  The Council reviews the Planning Proposal and decides whether or not to endorse the recommendations of the report to forward the Planning Proposal to the Department for a Gateway Determination.

    2.  The Gateway – the Department (or Delegate) decides whether or not the Planning Proposal can proceed and under what conditions. The conditions set by the Gateway must be complied with.

    3.  Formal community consultation. Community consultation is discussed in the Planning Proposal. The Gateway Determination will also include a requirement with regards to community consultation.  

    4.  Assessment. During this period the Planning Proposal is reassessed giving consideration to any submissions received. A report is prepared for the Council to consider the issues raised in the submissions, recommendations are made and an amended final Planning Proposal is prepared.  If the Council agrees to support the final Planning Proposal this is forwarded to the Department for final review.

    5.  The making of the LEP - with the Minister’s (or delegate’s) approval the local environmental plan is published on the NSW legislation website and becomes law.

    4. What are the proposed objectives and permissible land uses in the SP3-Tourist zone

    The proposed objectives are:

    1.  To provide for a variety of tourist-oriented development and related land uses.

    2.  To provide tourist development compatible with the environmental, scenic and landscape qualities of the area.

    3.  To enable other uses that complement tourist development without eroding the retail hierarchy of the local centres and villages.

    4.  To promote a high standard of urban design and amenity in a high quality landscape setting.

    The proposed land uses are as follows:

    Permissible with consent:

    Amusement centre; Camping Ground; Caravan Park; Cellar door premises; Community Facility; Eco-tourist facility; Educational Facility; Entertainment Facility; Environmental Facility; Food and drink premises; Function centre; Information and education facility; Kiosk; Market; Recreation Area; Recreation facility (indoor); Recreation facility (major); Recreation facility (outdoor); Roads; Tourist and visitor accommodation.