There is a need for younger children to learn to use wheeled play equipment in a location other than Goldsmith Place! What are your thoughts?

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded.

  • immed8 about 9 years ago
    Very much agreed - at present, Goldsmith Place attracts older children and teenagers, and being in a cul de sac, is rarely monitored. Smaller children are frequently exposed to language unsuitable for young ears, and for parents it is difficult to monitor - gaining vantage points to see where your child is located is awkward.

    Although my 6 y.o. son enjoys going to Goldsmith Place and mingling with other children, he is often intimidated by the older kids, and on a number of occasions has requested that we go home shortly after arriving, simply because there were no 'kids my age' and older children would consider him a nuisance, simply by getting in the way whilst they were performing tricks etc. - we would usually head up to Blackheath Skate Park after this. i'd also point out that Goldsmith Place is often covered with litter and broken glass, which I often clean up while my boy skates - it wouldn't go astray for council to provide some bins, which at present are nowhere in sight!

    If the Melrose Park facility were to go ahead, I would make some suggestions:
    • make the slopes easy and gentle for young riders - this would also deter older skater as they would find the facility 'too easy'
    • keep it well back from the main road
    • provide an undercover area, for parents to view and monitor children
    • ensure good sight lines in the design of the skate park, so parents can actually see when their child gets into difficulty
    • provide rubbish bins!
    • provide a water fountain

    I'd also like to add that the Jamison Skate Park in Penrith is a good design for young skaters - although containing some more challenging slopes, it has enough easy ramps for young riders to get a handle on their scooters/skateboards/bikes before tackling the larger ones.
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    • jjkane almost 9 years ago
      I've been in the mountains for a few years now and have never been able to understand why a skate park was ever put at Goldsmith Place in the first place. Always saw it as kind of creepy; uninviting. Melrose Park, on the other hand, has incredible potential.
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      • immed8 almost 9 years ago
        My understanding, from talking to other dads, is that the Goldsmith Place was only ever meant to be a temporary measure - apparently there was to have been a fully fledged skate facility built at Catalina Park near the Aquatic Centre, which to date has never been erected... and this was from a dad who remembered using Goldsmith Place as a teenager, so it's been that way for quite a while!
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        • jjkane almost 9 years ago
          Goldsmith Place skate park: right by the train tracks, around the corner from a pub, and there's only one way in/one way out. Just don't get it. That's one hell of a 'temporary measure.'
        • NED over 8 years ago
          I wish that they would do something at Catalina Park, it has so much to offer like a skate park, bike/rollerblades/running track, bmx jumps, swings and play equipment, stage for bands etc , all in one area. Families can cater for all age groups in the one place.

          But hey what about Wentworth Falls I think it is time that we got a skate park for the kids in the area. There is nothing for them to do so our crime rate is starting to climb...
      • pejay almost 9 years ago
        I am in agreement with the comments about Goldsmith Place, not a suitable place for any youngsters, teenagers or younger, to play. Why not build a facility for all ages at Melrose Park, it's away from most dangers, it's open and easy to keep an eye on and the facility will be used by more people. I am sure Goldsmith place could be used for something else.
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        • immed8 over 8 years ago
          The good thing about the Melrose Park plan, is that the park has excellent sight lines, especially in the spot proposed by council - it's within easy view from Albion Street in both directions, and has few trees or other visual distractions to obscure vision. there's also plenty of parking, and of course there is already a playground nearby for small children.
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          • Albionresident over 8 years ago
            Hi immed8 ,

            There were other better options that met criteria but wasn't near residents. Please understand that if you live very near by that noise is going to be a real is proven by many studies of skate parks around Australia and in fact is one of the key findings of those studies and criteria "do not build a skate park near residents." so while I'll fully support alternative skate facility I don't think the council should just ignore many many other nsw councils findings by putting it near residents. ! It just shows ignorance and disrespect for it's community. The option of Catalina park seems so ideal...!
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            • immed8 over 8 years ago
              Although I understand Albionresident's concerns about noise, I suspect this will hardly be an overly busy area with addition of the skate park, though I acknowledge this is entirely my own opinion. Judging by many other parks and playgrounds in the Blue Mountains, of which I'm familiar with many now, there are hardly any I would classify as overly noisy or busy, and frankly I can't see how the sounds of small children having fun is annoying to anyone... but that's just me.

              Regards Catalina, I completely agree... another under-utilised area of Katoomba that's sorely in need of rejuvenation. My only concern with this area, for small children in particular, is the proximity to the lake, and perhaps the 'spooky' atmosphere at present. But it's also close to the Aquatic Centre, also has good sight lines (in the 'park' area adjoining the lake), has more than adequate parking and much potential. Has council considered Catalina as a site as well?
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              • Albionresident over 8 years ago
                Hi immed8...
                I totally agree about noise of young children having fun...loveit...I live very near the current equipment and really enjoy that. The noise I am referring to and really want to be clear about for other the known noise of skateboards...other nsw councils have done research on the noise skateparks create (there's some fancy name for it, but can't remember) and it's because of that consistent noise that the state has created rules around how close skate parks should be to residents. I've also just learned that there are case studies of nsw councils using the "skate facility" zoning incorrectly zoned as "play equipment" to get around not having to do noise tests. When asked how this skate facility is categorized..the bmcc council have stated..."play equipment" . That alone makes me nervous...that it's being done with incorrect (and proven) categorization. Don't you think? It also makes me very concerned on behalf of the more elderly residents in the area...who bought in the area for the quiet as AMC says in a different post. GO CATALINA!! :)
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                • jjkane over 8 years ago
                  If more elderly residents purchased property in the area purely for the quiet, why would they do so near a big green area such as a public park where, per chance, people might want to spend some time in the pursuit of physical activities?
          • AMC over 8 years ago
            That line of sight is from my house (one of about seven most directly impacted)- so I'm not particularly thrilled about being an unpaid defacto moderator of any anti social behaviour. Also not thrilled about having to listen to kids practicing ollies and nosegrinds at 5pm on Sunday afternoons. Every weekend. Every afternoon after work.
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            • jjkane over 8 years ago
              Wow, you're going to consider moving house due to little kids having fun learning to skate? Also, I like the job title of 'Unpaid defacto moderator of any anti-social behaviour.' Brill. Maybe try to turn it into an acronym though. Less of a mouthful.