The skate surface design has the right level of difficulty for beginners and juniors? What are your thoughts.

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded.

  • immed8 over 8 years ago
    From viewing of the initial designs, I would suggest that the park is very much suited to beginning skaters and scooters - however, I would suggest the addition of perhaps two gentle ramps leading into the central area, for slightly older children (6-9 y.o.) who might find the 'bowl' areas a little easy. Although I realise the difficulty in trying to cater to a range of ages, I suspect my 7 y.o. would be bored with this design in about 20mins - he's at an intermediate stage where large ramps and bowls are still a little scary, but his growing confidence in longer flat areas and higher ramps suggests that this design would be too 'easy'. This is a young boy who's quite confident flying along the footpath down Station St, so I suspect this design wouldn't hold his interest for very long!
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    • Albionresident over 8 years ago
      I don't believe there should be a skate facility this close to residents...let alone trying to cater to older's designed for under 8s perhaps your son will outgrow it soon enough
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      • immed8 over 8 years ago
        He may well outgrow it soon enough, but unfortunately there's not much in the way of alternatives for his age group. I refuse to take him to Goldsmith Place for reasons already stated, otherwise the only other alternative we have is Blackheath - Lawson is too far too difficult for his experience level, and then it's Glenbrook, which is getting too far away. So at the moment, this is all we have.I agree re: the bowls, this may not be particularly wise for younger children still learning... it could be an accident waiting to happen. I do hear you, Albionresident, and if council put forward a plan for a junior skate facility at Catalina, I'd certainly be happy to support it.
  • Albionresident over 8 years ago
    The initial proposal said it was for a junior skate facility and learning to ride .."wheels" - there doesn't appear to be any things other than a little bike track for tiny kids with training wheels? There is no way a starter toddler on a bike or scooter will go into a bowl no matter how shallow. I would also suggest:Putting in clear signs that state the park is for under 8's (or proposed age) give parents reassurance older kids won't be there. Can this be relocated to Catalina ?