The proposed seating, carpark and planting associated with the skate surface shall improve Melrose Park for all users. What do you think?

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded.

  • AMC over 8 years ago
    No. It will change the nature and character of the park and its existing uses. Kids practice cricket up on that top section while they are waiting the usual 3 hours for a bat in their "proper" games down below on the oval. Cricket balls and small children don't mix. Dog off leash areas and small children (on wheelie things) don't mix. Quiet afternoons at the park won't be improved by the sounds of skateboards. I was also going to suggest that doing doughies in your celica between 11 and 1pm on Saturday nights on the grass at Melrose doesn't mix with a skate facility but I think the jury might be out on that one.