It would be good to have more family friendly facilities in North Katoomba.

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded.

  • Swaggy over 8 years ago
    Hi, I've lived on Fitzgerald Street, overlooking Melrose Park, for over 25 years and I 've always felt our park was totally under-utilised. Having bought up a daughter and now a grandson living here, when I visit other parks (which we do regularly), I see how bare our park is - even of trees/gardens, let alone facilities. Even the 'jungle gym' is very basic. I would love to see a junior skate park built here to attract more families and children to use the park. North Katoomba is also lacking in concrete footpaths for kids to ride their skate boards, bikes or roller skates - it's often quite dangerous on the narrow roads for bikes, especially for the little ones. I'd love to see a concrete path built around the perimeter of the park for the riding of bikes and scooters. Good on BMCC for considering making this wasted facility a better place for all (even I'd like to get my roller blades out!) You have my vote to go ahead and put in a new junior skate facility at Melrose Park! Can't wait. Cheers