The purpose and benefits

almost 2 years ago

The Local Planning Statement is the opportunity to document community priorities and aspirations and
suggest actions to address the challenges facing the Blue Mountains over the next 20 years. It will be used to guide future land use planning decisions for the local area.

By setting clear directions and priorities for the future, the Local Planning Statement will also be a tool to seek support from the State Government for projects and funding for the City.

Whilst new, this Statement is an opporutnity to continue to support and acknowledge key areas of focus for the Blue Mountains, including the protection of the environmental and cultural signifi cance of the local area.

It also provides the opportunity to set priorities for how we use land for housing, employment, and tourism.
Importantly, this is in the context of the Blue Mountains as a City in a World Heritage area and long standing planning principles that have limited urban expansion, and maintained the unique characteristics of the individual towns and villages in the Mountains.
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Thank you for your interest this consultation has concluded.