Is my land included?

    Only the properties listed are included. A full list of all properties included in Amendment 1 to LEP 2015 is provided in the Supporting Information.

    If my land is included what does this mean?

    If land is included in draft Amendment 1, the current Local Environmental  Plan (LEP 1991 or LEP 2005) will continue to apply and this will continue until Amendment 1 is published (gazetted).

    How can I get more information?

    Further general information is available on the Information Sheet or by referring to the individual property attachments in the Document Library.

    If you want to talk to a planner you can phone Erica Duffy from Council’s Land Use Planning Team on 4780 5000.

    What happens at the end of the public exhibition?

    At the conclusion of the public exhibition on 3 August 2016, all submissions will be reviewed and a report prepared for the Council which will include the reviewed Planning Proposal.  The report is expected to be presented to the Council meeting on the 20 September 2016. Following this meeting, if the Council resolves to proceed with the amendment, the Planning Proposal will be forwarded to the Department of Planning for final review. When this review is finalised, the plan will be made.

    When the plan is made that land will be incorporated into LEP 2015.