Kids Street Library at Warimoo

Grade 5/6H at Warrimoo Public School identified their school, 16-30 Florabella St Warrimoo, in the heart of the community, was a perfect place for a Kids Street Library.
The class gave some good reasons for their choice:
"The first reason is that over 170 students walk past the library everyday without fail.
Secondly, we do not have a library close by and the closest is in Blaxland.
Thirdly, we are the leaders at Warrimoo Public School and would love the opportunity to look after this precious street library as one of our responsibilities. It can then be a job for Stage 3 each year to look after the library.
Finally we all love reading so much at Warrimoo Public and regularly find that we have read all of our own books. This would be an opportunity not only to share what resources we have but also be kind to our fellow students and share our resources too.
We hope you consider our proposal. 5/6H students."
What a great bunch of young community leaders!
And thanks to their wonderful teacher Ms Harris who helped make this happen!

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