The Proposed 2010-2013 Capital Works Program

by bmccteam1, about 6 years ago
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Draft Delivery Program 2010-2013
The Draft Delivery Program 2010-2013 includes the 2010-2013 Capital Works Program. The Council is responsible for renewing and maintaining several hundred million dollars worth of built assets. Do you have any comments on the proposed 2010-2013 Capital Works Program?

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  • Lexi about 10 years ago
    Other than kerb and guttering, footpaths and drainage, I don't see much in the way of capital works for the lower Blue Moutains. It's hard to support significant rate increases for the whole LGA when major works are primarily scheduled for the areas closest to council chambers.
  • doggone about 10 years ago
    Try living in a village that has no kerb and guttering, a very small sports field, limited town centre and a park that is down the end of a very steep hill. Maybe then we could move beyond location and look at resource allocation where it is needed.
  • Redacted user about 10 years ago
    Was unable to stay focussed and read the whole 50 pages of "weasel words" at the beginning but looking at the last 10 pages I have to agree with Lexi, spending on the Lower Mountains does seem a bit light on. While the population of Springwood, Winmalee and the Lower Mountains is estimated to represent 54% of the total population of the BMCC area by 2011 (Adrian Hack,2007, Springwood Design Advice) we will receive 14% of the budget for New Projects and 37% of the budget for Renewal Projects.
  • Norman about 10 years ago
    The proposed list of services and works should be prioritised, and given the 'special rates variation proposal' the less critical items should be deleted, postponed or canceled. Start with anything related to 'cultural', then remove anything associated with conferences (either attending or hosting). General expense reduction hasn't been included and should be. Here are some ideas: 1. Cease providing council funded food and drinks at any council site or meeting. 2. Cancel all travel to anywhere outside of the BMCC area, including accommodation and transport.
  • shibumi about 10 years ago
    Council needs to focus on core services. Better yet, council needs to identify what is CORE business and services and make it simple for ALL rate payers to have a simple and realistic method of understanding where and why money is being spent. Council needs urgently to get its head out of the clouds and get back to providing core services. I'm sure there are literally dozens of none core money grabbers that should be cut. ABSOLUTELY NO TO ANY SPECIAL VARIATION
  • MikeParker about 10 years ago
    Please can some one explain the table Fact Sheet 2 Page 3. Apparently we have 199.96% of assets and council commercial buildings to the value of $1,710,408,318 (1.7 Billion Dollars) and $3,420,816,636 (3.4 Billion Dollars) worth of council operational buildings? If this is the case then I say lets sell some of this $5.1 Billion worth of property and then we won't need to pay rates ever!!! Somehow I think the figures are a mistake. If the council can not get these figures right what chance have we of them getting anything right!
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    • MikeParker about 10 years ago
      Also, I have just noticed that we have Car parks - 164km2. That is rather a large area seeing the whole Blue Mountains is 1432km2.
    • Redacted user about 10 years ago
      Would you sell the Churchill Place Tennis Courts ?
  • MikeParker about 10 years ago
    Upgrade aging play equipment ? Lomatia Park; Yellow Rock; Jackson Park - 2012-2013 $75,000 (Fact Sheet 9 page 6) Playground equipment renewal Jackson Park, Falconbridge -2013-2014 $40,000 (Fact Sheet 9 page 7) Playground equipment renewal Yellow Rock Park, Yellow Rock - 2013-2014 $40,000 (Fact Sheet 9 page 7) Playground equipment renewal Lomatia Park, Springwood 2014-2015 $50,000 (Fact Sheet 9 page 8) It looks as if the upgrade to aging play equipments in 2012-2013 is not going to last long and new new play equipment is needed the next year or in the case of Lomatia Park the year after? This is either a mistake or poorly worded. If it is poorly worded and there needs to be 2 visits to upgrade the play equipment, then I think that this is poor planning.
  • Lawsonite about 10 years ago
    I hope some money is allocated to improvement of public toilet facilities in the Mountains. I've had the misfortune to have to use the ones at Bull's Camp Reserve and, yesterday, at Mt Riveriew (the ones opposite the lookout as you head down Macquarie Rd to Yarramundi): they are DISGUSTING. And the ones in Katoomba on Main Street are no better. Surely we deserve seats on public toilets. It must create an awful impression on overseas & Aussie tourists.
  • Jackoz about 10 years ago
    It is about time council allocated funds to replacing the existing public toilets in the carparks at springwood not only are they inadequate but they are a disgrace. Also it is about time council pulled down the two closed toilets one in Rest Park and the other one in Buckland Park again they are an eye sore and a blot on the townscape of Springwood.