New City-wide Priorities for Action

by bmccteam1, about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

Draft Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025
Since the adoption of the Blue Mountains City Vision and Map for Action in 2003, a number of new community priorities have emerged and have now been included in Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025. These new priorities include responding to climate change, looking after groundwater, supporting a child and friendly City, encouraging sustainable food initiatives and addressing issues related to the ageing population.  Are there any other new priorities for action?

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  • eyevest about 10 years ago
    Totally unnecessary and a wasste of money What nonsense to have a paper trail involving tree remo9vals for waste paper and then claiming it is for responding to climate change and looking after ground water etc etc etc Government built a highway to destroy our environment. It is time for us all to bring common sense for a sustainable Blue Mountains and n ot nonsensical ego trips disguised by looking after ground water supporting a child and friendly city sustainable food initiatives and addressing issues relating to the aging population. All these have wonderfully survived in the past and will survive in the future if more common sense is applied and less paper work. Think before you act rathner than act and then think Look before you leap rather than leap and charge justifying it by charging more
  • jray310 about 10 years ago
    As a youth councillor and a person throughly committed to sustainability in all its forms, I would like to congratulate bmccteam1 for its excellent draft. The draft addresses concerns that I wouldn't even think about, which is a good sign. There aren't many improvements that I can add to it, which goes to show how well thought out it is. The monitoring process is a crucial detail, and I am glad it has been considered. As far as I am concerned, all priorites for action have been considered and planned for. The only things that I can suggest for improvement are some particulars. For the Built Environment, Transport and Public Access, I'd like to stress that one or two more rail lanes need to be constructed as one of the strategies to "develop sustainable transport links between towns and villages other than the GWH". Alternatively, the company responsible for the transportation of rail freight, particularly coal, shoul d constuct and maintain their own rail lane, which I'm sure they would be more than happy to do, since they would have complete private ownership. Cityrail trains run by RailCorp wuld run more frequently, since freight trains would not run every hour in non-peak hours half an hour between rail services. The other concern that I have is with agencies, which I admit is largely beyond government control. In particular, the Australian Government Nation Building has funded $53.2 million for Primary Schools for the 21st century, but what about High Schools? Have we been left to fend for ourselves? Top job!
  • Kim Sewell about 10 years ago
    BMCC as always puts together an impressive package but sustainability costs money and this is where the biggest challenges lie. It is important that the respective policies do not start contradicting one another, otherwise the Council wil continue to find itself in the L&E Court over contentious DAs. BMCC needs to ensure all developments offer a thorough and transparent consultation process and that recommendations are adhered to by the developer in the appropriate, timely and within Australian Standards and Guidelines manner.
  • Redacted user about 10 years ago
    This document needs more detail. While the stated Objectives are very worthwhile, the stategies for achieving these aims are very vague. Terms like "Establish green industries" should be explained more fully and include a list of industries that would be considered green and the steps that would be taken to encourage their establishment in the Mountains.
  • shibumi about 10 years ago
    Council needs to focus on core services. Better yet, council needs to identify what is CORE business and services and make it simple for ALL rate payers to have a simple and realistic method of understanding where and why money is being spent. Council needs urgently to get its head out of the clouds and get back to providing core services. I'm sure there are literally dozens of none core money grabbers that should be cut. ABSOLUTELY NO TO ANY SPECIAL VARIATION