2010-2011 Actions and Projects

by bmccteam1, over 6 years ago
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Draft Operational Plan 2010-2011
The Operational Plan provides the details of services and specific actions  and projects that the Council is planning to complete in 2010-2011. Do you have any comments on the proposed services and specific actions and projects planned to be delivered during 2010-2011?

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  • eyevest over 10 years ago
    There are so many plans etc etc etc that no body knows what is going on and Council in order to understand an y plan requires a number of other plans what a waste of time and effort. Common sense has lost its application. We do not need more and more and more plans and more and more and more expenses and cutting down of trees to create more and more and mo9re paper rubbish
  • doggone over 10 years ago
    There are a lot of plans. However, what I read is that these are a requirement of the State Government in order that the Council can be resourced. These types of plans also appear to assist with applying for Federal fundings assistance. They are also well written and easy to follow but very time consuming to get through.
  • Norman over 10 years ago
    The proposed list of services and works should be prioritised, and given the 'special rates variation proposal' the less critical items should be deleted, postponed or canceled. Start with anything related to 'cultural', then remove anything associated with conferences (either attending or hosting). General expense reduction hasn't been included and should be. Here are some ideas: 1. Cease providing council funded food and drinks at any council site or meeting. 2. Cancel all travel to anywhere outside of the BMCC area, including accommodation and transport.
  • shibumi over 10 years ago
    Council needs to focus on core services.
    Better yet, council needs to identify what is CORE business and services and make it simple for ALL rate payers to have a simple and realistic method of understanding where and why money is being spent. Council needs urgently to get its head out of the clouds and get back to providing core services. I'm sure there are literally dozens of none core money grabbers that should be cut. ABSOLUTELY NO TO ANY SPECIAL VARIATION