What is graffiti?

    The definition of Graffiti is considered to be an act of defacing property with markings or graphics including chalk, felt tip markers, stencils, bill posters, non approved aerosol art recorded as ‘malicious damage’ by Crime Stoppers

    Does BMCC remove graffiti from all property?

    Graffiti is removed from Council owned assets and private property in appropriate circumstances. Council supports the volunteer ‘Clean Up Katoomba Graffiti Removal team’. External stakeholders such as energy providers and Railcorp remove graffiti from their own assets.

    Now much does BMCC spend on graffiti management each year?

    Approx $300,000; this figure includes removal, prevention and other maintenance costs.

    Where are the hotspots in the Blue Mountains?

    Suburbs with highest graffiti events (hotspots) are Blaxland, followed by Springwood and Winmalee. Katoomba is a hotspot area in the Upper Mountains.