What is Council doing to remove graffiti?

almost 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

The removal of graffiti is an important priority for the Council. Currently there are Council graffiti removal teams, volunteer graffiti removal teams (sponsored by the Council) as well as ongoing building and assest maintenance programs conductcted by Council. The draft plan will allow for the effective coordination and improved efficiency in the removal of graffiti.

This consultation has concluded.

  • Pablo over 9 years ago
    Great that Council is acting on this though I am preferring action be more oriented towards prevention. Rather than spending money on cleaning up, would it not be more logical and, in the longer term more effective, to seek ways and means to avoid it appearing?Alternative activities, facilities and programs for the young who perpetrate graffiti are needed, as I see it. We insure our house, so can we think about insuring our peace of mind and graffitiless environment by supporting the young in ways to give them constructive outlet for their creativity or malice, whichever one sees it as.Seriously an issue going into the future is how to engage wiht the younger folk in our region and waiting for them to act in ways we do not appreciate, let's assist them to express themsleves and be part of our community to their and our benefit and enjoyment. This is not rocket science and such programs are happening around the world already.Surely they are where funding can be allocated and we have a plethora of expert and experienced local people in the BMs to set them up and run them.