Whitton Park is a large area. Do you think the Park would be suitable for a dog off-leash area to allow dogs to exercise?

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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  • pejay almost 10 years ago
    I don't know the park but why does it have to be next to the highway ? Is there a fence that is dog proof protecting the animals from the highway, and the highway from the dogs ?
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      If you dont know the park I can only guess you are not a resident, I dont know where you live but I think it would be fantastic in your street please nominate your street its probably away from hwy so dogs will be safe.

      DOG PROOF FENCE to protect dogs or the poor unfortunate residents fronm dogs?
  • rovingwombat almost 10 years ago
    Whitton Park would be great but of course would require secure fencing given the proximity to the highway.
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      LISTEN to roving wombat WHITON PARK he is right.
      Larger area to run than Glenbrook Park if you as a minority group with loud screeming voices must have a dog of leash area.
      PLEASE look at what happened to LEURA dog of leash area and how it effects families and the basic structure of the community all negitivly impacted.
      Dog owners dont necessarily love dogs!!
    • Two Dogs almost 10 years ago
      Whitton Park is the better of locations in Glenbrook if it really has to be, BUT can I suggest fencing of an area already heavily used that appears to bother no residence that is OPPOSITE the BOWLING CLUB place it right next to the SKATE RAMP this also has plenty of room to run plenty of parking and does not effect local residence. PLS be mindful rsidence being effected every day by dogs and their owner will turn violent unfortunatly but be sure it will be, eventually the limit is reached.
  • favouriteuncle almost 10 years ago
    A large area is far more suitable to off leash excersize than smaller ones, which are more likely to cause problems with residents etc. and are usually tokenistic concessions by Council.
    whitton Park would be very good.
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      favorite Uncle I am happy that we agree on some things, Whitton park if a site has to be would be the better of the two proposed so far, your reasoning is valid.
  • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
    I have read other comments from people who want dog of leash area in EAST BLAXLAND please let them have what they want.

    Whitton Pk is the better option if it must be how ever I dont want these areas anywere.
    DOGS ARE DANEROUS UNPRODICTABLE ANIMALS not native to AUSTRALIA with exception to the dingo.
    What besides yapping leaving dropping and fighting do DOGS do to Natural vegitation and wildlife inc insects, thats probably why DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN NATIONAL PARKS.

  • DOG GONE almost 10 years ago
    I agree with 2 dogs whitton park area better But directly opposite Bowling Club & near Skate Park is an option that needs to be investigated
  • Dogs are part of this community almost 10 years ago
    This area would make a lovely OLA. A fence would be a good idea for this area.
  • NOT in GLENBROOK almost 10 years ago
    I DO NOT agree with more dogs off leash in lower mountaians in any form, however I have thought and read many comments the ONLY option I can see that has the least impact in Glenbrook area is opposite BOWLING CLUB NEXT TO SKATE PARK as others have pointed out before me.