Dogs in parks can make a better experience for children and families. Do you agree?

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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  • Steved almost 10 years ago
    I think we need to be very careful when and how we mix children and dogs. I think this should only be carried out by parents although dogs on leash and under control with in parks with children is a great.
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      Yes we do need to be careful!
      Dogs find it harder to MAUL children when on a lead
      Owner usually pull dogs away from situations were families may be intimidated or attacked by the animal
      100% DOG proof fencing does not exist so why are families being put at risk to make the few feel happy.
      Who will wear the LEGAL ramifications when an attack occurs and it will.
  • rovingwombat almost 10 years ago
    I think parks that cater for dogs and children are good for our community. However I support secure fencing of off-leash areas in parks to separate from children's play areas.

    Although my dog is very gentle with children, I prefer to let my dog run and play without worrying about frightening any children (or parents).
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    • rose almost 10 years ago
      Dog off-leash areas should be fenced in all parks. A fenced area means that everyone can share the park - unleashed dogs can be very frightening.
    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      Parks can be shared by dogs and people when the dog is safely secured to a lead by a responsible owner.
      Dog proof fencing does not exist.
      I suppose it will be a lesson in life when children can watch a large dog tearing the throat out of a smaller dog.
  • wendyc almost 10 years ago
    Not sure. Children are naturally worried about big dogs and unless you live on a big property, or farm, the large dog would be stuck in a suburban backyard. With the dog park the owner would want a large securely fenced area for their dog to run in a big area. With kids in this area, it would defeat the purpose of the large dog's free run.
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      YES DITCH THE DOG OF LEASH IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • favouriteuncle almost 10 years ago
    After 30 years of excersizing my dogs in Newtown (which has excellent off leash facilities) I've only ever had absolutely positive experiences and reactions from kids and families.
    Obviously unsocialised dogs should not be turned loose in these areas without the owner being held responsible .
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      WHY would an unsocialised dog be released in a dog of leash area or any area for that matter never mind who is to be held responsible, what does that matter when a PERSON is in hospital or possibly DEAD due to injuries received.

      THIS IS WHY dogs should be kept on leads at all times while in public!!
      VISIOUS DOG turned loose with out owner being responsible is not the issue its public safety.
  • topomountain almost 10 years ago
    After 50 years of dog training I believe dogs and all animals are (and should be) part of our social life. However there is a high element of responsibility here. Some owners are irresponsible and see their lovely untrained out of control pets as slightly naughty children and just laugh at the discomfort of others. A well behaved dog is a delight and an asset to any family. Small children should not be allowed near any strange dog, large or small. A small dog may feel threatened by another small animal called a child and may defend itself with a bite. Its all a matter of common sense and accepting responsibility.
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      What you say is true
      SO remain responsible and keep dogs on leads while in public if you dont like that option think of others and take it to the pound because you are not a dog lover only a dog owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      NO DOGS IN GLENBROOK PARK AREAS A OR B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cladinshadows almost 10 years ago
    Dogs are great to take with you to family picnics and the alike, but there is nothing worse than having an untrained dog stealing your food and or harassing yor kids
  • Norman almost 10 years ago
    My youngest son was traumatised by a 'friendly' dog in an off leash area. 'He's never bothered anyone before...' Ultimately I had to beat the dog off with a stick.
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      Norman I do understand what an awful incident for any one to have to go thru especially a youg child.

      I to was attacked by a dog that was of leash in a park it is terrifying, I was walking alone across a park carrying shopping home dog came from no were and attacked with out provication.

      DOGS ON LEADS dont get the chance to attack!
      I hope your son is ok.
      NO TO AREAS A OR B IN GLENBROOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • wendyc almost 10 years ago
    I want more information. Are the parks patrolled regularly by council inspectors to check pet owners are being responsible with their poos and social behaviour? Will other pet owners who see a poo that their dog didn't do pick it up anyway to keep the ground clean and smelling nice? If there is an unfortunate incident, how can the victim follow through and will they get fair response from the council or police?
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      Park is not patrolled by council now so why would they start patrolling a dog of leash area, this kind of area makes it easier for council officers to sherk their duties to the rate payers that pay their wages.
      When a VICTim crys out in pain council will say NOT MY PROBLEM.
      WHAT ABOUT LOCAL RESIDENTS RIGHTS to not have to endure bad odours unhygenic conditions yapping dogs and taking yet even more PLAYING areas from the YOUTH OF TODAY.
  • fido's friend almost 10 years ago
    I disagree. Families used to go to the Leura oval for example but now it's overrun with dogs, children and families stay away. After 4pm it's dogs only until 10pm. Tragic. "But tell me, where do the children play?"
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    • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
      COUNCIL does not care about local or visiting children because a high powered minority dog owners group are calling the shoots I suggest possible corruption.

      Just what every one wants yapping dogs, fighting dogs, dog droppings every where stench drifting to locals houses, hygene problems in local area.

      CHILDREN are ment to play in parks of leash and dogs on leash!!
      LISTEN to what has happened at LEURA be warned.
      KEEP OUT OF GLENBROOK AREAS A OR B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
    BMCC wants to dispence a bit of tough luv to the youth of now, it will teach them how BMCC can TAKE any area they please from them at an early age.
    ALSO BMCC will teach KIDS & Families how to HATE & DISPISE dogs because their play areas were taken away and fenced off as BMCC felt dogs needs where of a higher priority than theirs.
    DOGS under control on a lead and kept on a lead is the only way dogs should be in public this is purly for the WIDER communities safety.
    DOG OK off lead in your yard thats it.

  • DOG GONE almost 10 years ago
    Dogs ON a lead playing and running in a park with their owners/families is a great thing because the DOG is under control and cant hurt people by pouncing on them, knocking over frail elderly or even young children. I also agree with onother point I have seen written that even when a dog is on a lead they still attempt to have a go each & is quit a visious site when on a lead it does not get out of hand, just imagine off lead in or out of a fenced area I dont feel anyone needs to witness that incident.
  • fido's friend almost 10 years ago
    Dog Gone is right. Already a property owner near Leura offleash area was bitten by 2 dogs outside his property that ran off the oval. There was a police and ranger's report and the owner was fined but thank god it was an adult and not a kid. The whole offleash thing is out of control. I've had dogs all my life and never been to an offleash area. Mountains residents are being taken over by a minority. What happened to the rights of families and kids??
  • fido's friend almost 10 years ago
    The only way to stop these off-leash areas is to form a lobby group of concerned citizens and to get sporting groups like cricket and football clubs to fight against having our ovals and parks taken over. The dog lobby is powerful, but not as powerful as the sporting clubs. The ridiculous situation is highlighted by the fact that in Leura for example there are 4,500 residents yet only 40 or 50 people use the offleash area and stop everyone else using it from sunrise to 10am and from 4pm on. How undemocratic is that? One percent of the population dictating to 99 percent. Yesterday I saw half a dozen kids trying to kick a football on Leura oval while a dozen dogs ran around them barking. Pathetic. This will happen to the people in the lower mountains as well.
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    • wendyc almost 10 years ago
      Lets hold the next council meeting in the middle of the Leura OLA. Do any councillors actually visit these parks? Do the council read any of these comments? It looks like 90% against the OLA to me!
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      • Two Dogs almost 10 years ago
        Weny C again you are right MEETING IN THE PARK I would say councillors have not been their for years if at all. I would also like to put money on that their are NO DOG OF LEASH AREAS any were near a councillors home or the master mind of this idea at BMCC NATHAN SUMMERS may be he could elect his front yard as start of point for this activity.
        Please raise profile of this issue beyond council take it to the media papers radio TV other wise we only have a small voice in the wind.
  • fido's friend almost 10 years ago
    Great idea Wendy. I don't think that the council takes any notice of these comments. They'll just say 'we consulted the community and some were for it and some were against' and then go ahead and cave in to the noisy dog lobby that will show up at the meeting. Those for and against Leura Oval becoming an off-leash area were invited to speak to councillors on Leura Oval. Despite many local residents opposing it, one councillor said 'Leura Oval will definitely be an OLA' before the council meeting to decide was held! No prizes for guessing which way the decision went. Even the so-called Green councillors voted for it despite overwhelming evidence that the OLA would negatively impact the environment as it adjoins the BM National Park. Unfortunately, despite all the comments against the proposed OLAs, we are just talking among ourselves here in a phony exercise in interactive consultation.
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    • NOT in GLENBROOK almost 10 years ago
      I agree fido's friend we are just talking amounst our selves & this is a phony exercise, I think as I read in another section it is also true that we dont let this happen again & we need to raise this issues profile to both the local & wider media. I dont know how but we need to band together as a strong group and be heard if we can stop them in the lower mountains with these proposals then we may be better armed to try & reverse the decissions that have been already made on other parks such as Leura.