Dogs can have an impact on recreational space and the local environment. Is this a significant issue for the possible dog off-leash sites in the lower mountains?

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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  • favouriteuncle almost 10 years ago
    Not if owners act responsibly and pick up behind their dogs.
    This is commonly done in other Council areas with good off leash facilities as this practice develops with a more developed companion animal culture. This must happen in the Blue Mountains if we are to lobby Council to improve our off leash facilities.
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    • rose almost 10 years ago
      Dogs have an incredible impact on native flora and fauna and dog off-leash areas should not be adjoining our WHNP or in reserves.
      Dog off-leash areas also prevent other non dog-owners and their children using the facility at the same time. BMCC should not give all our parks over to dogs.
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      • favouriteuncle almost 10 years ago
        off leash areas have no effect on other park users if a responsible and mature approach is taken by all parties as has been happening for years in most council areas of the state.
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        • rose almost 10 years ago
          Unfortunately not all dog owners are responsible.....
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          • The Deacon almost 10 years ago
            YOU R RIGHT ROSE thats why DOGS are not permitted in national parks in AUSTRALIA, they are not NATIVE animals and have effects such as you state.
            DOG OF LEASH AREA why should all park users have part of a park fenced of to accomodate the minority.
            CHILDREN & FAMILIES LEURA is a prime example a minority few have taken the park from families & children this is disgusting BMCC need their heads read.
            More Dogs greater possibilities of deseases being transmitted to groud such as when heart worm came from NT to NSW it is possible natural enviroment will be effected.
  • Two Dogs almost 10 years ago
    Dogs of leash unfortunatly DO have a large impact on recreational space, I dont see why should an area be fenced and taken away from the majority of people so a few people can let their dogs run a muck.
    I feel that the dog off leash area aready located at Glenbrook lennox bridge area avaliable for use 24hrs & days is sufficient.
    Please note this even though I own a dog I am BITTERLY OPPOSED to a dog of leash area in Glenbrook Park.
    Glenbrook Park is for PEOPLE families children to RUN FREE.
  • Dogs are part of this community almost 10 years ago
    Dogs in recreational space should have no impact on the area if their owners are responsible. If there are people who does the wrong thing there should be more 'policing' of the areas as well as peer pressure from the responsible owners. There is an absolute significant need for more OLAs throughout the mountains. The bias view of dogs and cats impacting on local flora and fauna has been hyped up by people who do not like dogs and cats!!!
  • NOT in GLENBROOK almost 10 years ago
    Dogs impact any were they go just look at any dogs back yard. Dogs running freely will deficate,uninate & dig because thats just what dogs do and please do tell me all owners will clean up droppings probable outcome 50/50. How do owners clean up urine they simply just can not so the council selected area gathers an unpleasant stench/odour to it, this not only impacts on local enviroment but this becomes a large health issue facing not only vistors to the park and local residence.
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    • wendyc almost 10 years ago
      Stop and look at the OLA at Winmalee beside the skate park, childrens play equipment, bushland and creek. NO GRASS LEFT, SMELLS LIKE URINE AND CLOSE TO KIDS PLAY AREA. YUK, YUK, YUK... Poor parking available, I would not want to live next to that. YUK YUK YUK. Why is this acceptable favourite uncle? Do you have kids, or are your dogs your only kids?
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      • Two Dogs almost 10 years ago
        Yes Wendy C you are right ifact in the BMCC arial photo of Glenbrook Park they very convieniently CUT OFF the photo so no one could see just how close residence houses are to AREA A the BMCC has an odour about it that smells of corruption.