The draft Companion Animals Management Plan 2011-2014 sets the direction of the management of companion animals over the next 3 years. Have Your Say.

over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

The draft plan provides Council with the opportunity to find the balance between encouragement and support for the social benefits of pet ownership, whilst at the same time indicating a strong commitment to protecting public amenity, safety and the environment.  It guides our actions over the period July 2011 to June 2014.  These actions are grouped under:

  • Microchipping and Registration
  • Animal wellbeing
  • Community living
  • Protection of the natural environment
  • Public amenity and open spaces
  • Pound activities
  • Educational initiatives
  • Compliance issues


The document is supported by the Local Orders Policy - Part 1 Animal Management adopted by the Council on 16 March 2010.

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  • mumbles over 9 years ago
    With the planned increase of compliance of Dogs in WPA's and the high ownership of Dogs in the Mountains the Council may have to increase off leash areas to encourage responsible Dog ownership
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    • June over 9 years ago
      Most of the offleash areas in the mountains are just a token. They are too small!

      We don't need more offleash area, but the council needs to increase the size of some of the already designated areas so that dogs and owners can have a meaningful walk/run/play, This also encourages friendly behaviour towards other dogs and people.

      Lawson offleash (old golf course) is a wonderful place for everyone. If we see a walker or jogger we make sure that our animals are under control. Once the dogs are used to the different people using this space, the dogs usually ignore them. (with their owners' help)
      Lawson is interesting, because of the fairways and groups of trees. The wonderful open spaces enable dogs to use up their energy.
      It also enable their handlers to exercise ; so, we all benefit. Socialised animals are not aggressive animals. JS

      A great place to meet doggy friends and people. I see children with their parents and animals and because Lawson is a large area we can all enjoy this precious place.

      We need to have an education programme to help people become responsible dog owners. It's only the few irresponsible dog owners who bring disrepute to the rest of us.
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      • LeanneS over 9 years ago
        I agree with your last statement, that it's only a few irresponsible dog owners who bring disrepute to others. I also agree that the old Lawson golf course is a lovely area to visit.
        While I have not visited it too many times in the last year, sadly the last three times I was there with my children I had dogs of all sizes running up to us which I just don't like.
        Sometimes I am thankful when the owners call their dogs and try to control them but some owners just don't. They just say things like, 'it's ok, he/she won't bite'. I find this incredulous.
        It's not the point whether a dog will or won't bite, it's the fact that some people are just afraid of dogs. My son is one of these people. Try and tell a young boy as a dog charges towards him that it's alright the dog won't bite you. It's nonsense.
        The bad thing is I've had to deal with this in many other parks, Gloria Park at Hazelbrook comes first in my mind, where dogs are not supposed to be off-leash.
        And this is the main reason I have not been to old Lawson golf course for awhile, I just feel I cannot trust some of the dogs, or should I say their owners.
        No matter how wonderful and friendly you think your dog is I can only ask dog owners to please be aware that some people, especially young children, can be extremely frightened of dogs and to keep your dog under very careful control when in these shared environments.
        So yes, I would welcome an education programme going out to all the community, dog owner or not.