What is Council proposing?

    Using the adopted Blackheath Masterplan, we are planning to:

    1. Enhance the entry to the village
    2. Provide traffic calming devices on Govetts Leap Road
    3. Create an integrated town square
    4. Improve street frontage and access to the Community Hall on Gardiner Crescent
    5. Add a roundabout to the intersection of Wentworth and Govetts Leap Roads

    Why has Council chosen to focus on these five things?

    We’ve based these priorities on the Blackheath Village Masterplan, which included evidence-based design and extensive community consultation around that, as well as the Blackheath Pedestrian and Traffic Study Future Modelling Report.

    Are these proposals final?

    These are Council’s proposals, based on previous feedback from the Blackheath community, and evidencebased design, and we believe it is the best option for the community. However, we also believe that getting the community’s feedback on this next stage is vital, so we can make the right plans for Blackheath. We are gathering that feedback now, and it will inform the final decision about what the upgrade looks like.

    What's involved in each of the five proposed changes?

    • Enhance the entry to the village
      • Provide a sense of night time arrival with lighting of the Neate Park footpath and new pedestrian pavement.
      • Plantings and custom design balustrades at Govetts Leap Road intersection.
      • Renewing footpaths and improving the passage of the Great Blue Mountains Trail.

    • Provide traffic calming devices on Govetts Leap Road
      • Install a pedestrian crossing where the footpath widens to reduce crossing distances as well as providing space for additional street tree planting.

    • Create an integrated a town square
      • Create a town square by closing the northern centre of the carpark and the Govetts Leap Road entry/exit. Note: See our Comparison chart (in the document library) for more information on the no vehicle access or one way vehicle access options at this area.
      • Redesign of the existing carpark so there is no loss of car spaces.

    • Improve street frontage and access to the Community Hall on Gardiner Crescent
      • Improve street frontage to the Centre including new kerbs and a designated loading bay

      • Review and renew footpaths leading to the Centre.

    • Add a roundabout to the intersection of Wentworth and Govetts Leap Roads
      • Install a roundabout and provide new kerbs, garden beds and custom design balustrades to reduce road width and to guide safe and practical movement in and around the area.

    What’s the benefit of a town square?

    The town square was identified as something the community would benefit from in the Blackheath Masterplan. A town square provides a central open space, somewhere to meet with friends, rest and relax while out in the village and enjoy occasional markets and events.

    It is the social heart of the village, and provides a safe and vibrant place for the community and visitors to gather and enjoy Blackheath village. The town square may include seating, shade planting, gardens and even facilities like internet access, as well as providing a place for local businesses to activate and enhance their presence. We need to hear your views on this integral feature of upgrades of the village.

    Will I still be able to access the Sutton Lane carpark?

    Yes. The upgrade proposes a change to the Govetts Leap Road entrance only. Access to Sutton Lane carpark will still exist, via the Great Western Highway and Wentworth Street.

    Will the upgrade mean we lose parking spaces?

    No. There will be no loss of parking spaces in Blackheath as a result of the upgrade. The proposal does include rearranging some areas of Sutton Lane Carpark to make better use of space so there will not be any loss of parking.

    Will the proposed changes make it harder to access the shops?

    No. We know that pedestrian access is a key part of the Blackheath Village, for locals and visitors, and our 2018 community satisfaction research showed pedestrian safety was very important. The upgrade will make pedestrian access to the shops much easier and safer, while having little to no impact for traffic.

    Will the proposed changes impact how I get business deliveries?

    No, the proposed upgrade will not change areas zoned for deliveries. The Blackheath Pedestrian and Traffic Study Future Modelling Report shows negligible difference to traffic flow with these changes.

    What is a pedestrian and traffic report?

    The Blackheath Pedestrian and Traffic Study Future Modelling Report, prepared by Cardno, looked at existing transport issues in Blackheath Town Centre. It identifies current and potential safety and flow issues, and risks related to pedestrians and cyclists. The report also developed possible future scenarios, assessing the traffic impacts of each option. The report was presented to Councillors in January 2020 and is now available to view here.

    What did the report say about the impact of the proposed upgrade?

    The pedestrian and traffic report identified negligible effects on traffic flow as a result of the proposed upgrade, as well as improved safety and reduced waiting times for pedestrians and cyclists.

    Why can’t we leave Blackheath as it is?

    We can leave it as it is. However, the money Council has received, through two separate grants, is a rare opportunity for us to review and make improvements for the community and visitors as identified in the endorsed Masterplan.

    Blackheath is a friendly and vibrant community with a substantial tourism industry. This is a great opportunity to enhance the vitality, amenity and safety of Blackheath village centre through better functioning streets and public spaces.

    What is a Masterplan and why does Blackheath have one?

    The Masterplan guides future development for the public spaces in the village centre to improve function and access; recognise, respect and enhance the existing village character; and facilitate social activity and amenity for both residents and visitors.

    The aim of a Masterplan is to enhance the existing fabric of the village and the traditional main street setting, as the physical and social infrastructure of Blackheath. This was identified by the community as being of key importance. The Masterplan will lead to better management of traffic and parking in the compact village centre to improve the experience for all, and with a particular emphasis on pedestrians. You can read the Masterplan at: yoursay.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/blackheathmp-community