Who responded to the 2020 survey?

    We had a fantastic response from the community to the survey with almost 15% of the community returning it and over 130 residents attending the drop in sessions, held in February 2020.

    What did people say in the 2020 survey?

    Blackheath residents told us:

    • They love the shops and village, and most are looking forward to the improvements identified in the Masterplan.
    • There was a favourable response to a town square with residents loving the idea of more seating, gardens and water refill stations, as well as occasional events like markets, music and pop-up stalls in the village centre.
    •       The roundabout and better and safer access for pedestrians was at the top of the list of improvements the community wants to see in Blackheath.
    • They want to see more efficient parking because it’s essential to the functioning and connection of the village.
    • Traffic flow and access in the Sutton Lane carpark is also really important to the Blackheath community.

    What is Council proposing?

    Based on the results of the survey and consultation with the Blackheath community, we will start to prepare for the important works that will improve safety, flow and connectivity in and around the village. These safety and connectivity upgrades will include:

    • Improving sections of the footpath on Great Western Highway and along Wentworth Street, from Blackheath Gardens to the school.
    • Improving access outside the community hall with a loading bay and new kerbs
    • Formalising parking on Station Street and improving the corner of Bundarra Street.
    • Introducing pedestrian crossings 
    • Enhancing pedestrian safety at the entrance to the Sutton Lane carpark from Wentworth Street.
    • Re-configuring of the Sutton Lane carpark with additional parking at the eastern end.
    • Revitalising Neate Park with feature and safety lighting.

    Was the community interested in a town square?

    Yes, there was a favourable response to the concept of a town square with residents loving the idea of more seating, gardens and water refill stations as well as occasional events like markets, music and pop up stalls in the village centre.

    Is the town square going to be built?

    The town square is the biggest proposed change, and while there was a favourable response to the concept, there is still work to do before we’re ready to build it.  We will continue to work with Blackheath businesses and residents to finalise how this space will work for everyone.

    As the new town square is such a large project, and so important to get right, it’s likely this part of the upgrade will be delivered separately to the safety and connectivity improvements listed above.

    What’s the benefit of a town square?

    The town square was identified as something the community would benefit from in the Blackheath Masterplan. A town square provides somewhere to meet with friends, rest and relax while out in the village and enjoy occasional markets and events.

    It is the social heart of the village, and provides a safe and vibrant place for the community and visitors to gather and enjoy Blackheath village. The town square may include seating, shade planting, gardens and even facilities like internet access, as well as providing a place for local businesses to activate and enhance their presence. 

    Will I still be able to access the Sutton Lane carpark?

    Yes. Stage 1 of the upgrade will see improvements to pedestrian safety  in the entry/exit to and from Wentworth Street.

    Will the upgrade mean we lose parking spaces?

    No. In fact, with the reconfiguration of the eastern end of the carpark, there will be additional parking spaces as part of stage 1 of the upgrade.

    Will the proposed changes impact how I get business deliveries?

    No, the upgrade will not change areas zoned for deliveries.

    Why can’t we leave Blackheath as it is?

    The money Council has received, through two separate grants, is a rare opportunity for us to review and make improvements for the community and visitors as identified in the endorsed Masterplan.

    Blackheath is a friendly and vibrant community with a substantial visitor economy. This is a great opportunity to enhance the vitality, amenity and safety of Blackheath village centre through better functioning streets and public spaces.

    What is a Masterplan and why does Blackheath have one?

    The Masterplan guides future development for the public spaces in the village centre to improve function and access; recognise, respect and enhance the existing village character; and facilitate social activity and amenity for both residents and visitors.

    The aim of a Masterplan is to enhance the existing fabric of the village and the traditional main street setting, as the physical and social infrastructure of Blackheath. This was identified by the community as being of key importance. The Masterplan will lead to better management of traffic and parking in the compact village centre to improve the experience for all, and with a particular emphasis on pedestrians. You can read the Masterplan at: yoursay.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/blackheathmp-community