Why has Council developed an Arts and Cultural Activities Policy?

This Policy has been developed to respond to the cultural needs of the community as identified in Council’s Cultural Strategy and replaces the Public Art Policy 2001 and the Acceptance of Gifts of Art to the City Policy 2010. The main aim is to capture the broad areas of arts and cultural activity across the City whilst providing ideas for:

  • Developing an integrated approach to public art planning.
  • Creating opportunities for employment and training for artists in our community to enable them to develop and work in a creative environment.
  • Interpreting the City’s heritage and identity through the arts.
  • Fostering a sense of identity and pride in public spaces within the City.
  • Increasing enjoyment and understanding of public art and the benefits it brings to our community.
  • Enabling the collection of public art to be professionally managed and conserved.
  • Strengthening Council’s Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025 goal by addressing environmental sustainability in the development and delivery of public art projects.
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Consultation has concluded

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