What is planetary health?

    Planetary health links our health with the health of the natural systems which support all life. Get more information on planetary health at bmcc.nsw.gov.au/planetary-health

    How is Council helping to restore planetary health?

    Council has a long history of embedding sustainability into our operations and practices, and helping to protect the planet. Given the increase in natural disasters and the critical urgency to stop climate change now – as well as protect our World Heritage Area, restore planetary health and improve health and wellbeing – Council has established the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative(External link).

    What is the #AYearInADay campaign?

    Council's Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative is leading the #AYearInADay campaign! Each day we're posting about a new action we take to restore planetary health - socially, environmentally or economically and we're turning to you, our diverse and inspiring communities, to join us!

    What is the City-wide Planetary Health Local Action Program?

    Council's City-wide Planetary Health Local Action Program has made significant progress to date including a range of programs, courses, events and research activities. Key focus areas are:

    • Council ‘walking the talk’ and embedding planetary health across all its services.
    • Research for planetary health – with many of our partners, including universities, to guide our way forward.
    • The world’s first Planetary Health Pluriversity and Social Enterprise Incubator – which was launched in December 2021 and is creating livelihoods to restore planetary health, and
    • Working collaboratively with community to transform our culture.

    What's happening at the former Katoomba Golf Course precinct?

    With Traditional Custodians, our community, educators and researchers from a number of universities, Blue Mountains City Council is exploring opportunities related to planetary health initiatives at the former Katoomba Golf Course precinct (clubhouse and adjoining 30 hectares of public land). We are doing this for the long-term benefit of our City and our community and to create new job opportunities.

    We want to know – what opportunities you see for the former Katoomba Golf Course site? How do you think this site could be transformed to help restore planetary health?

    You can have your say until 14 April 2022 at https://yoursay.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/katoomba-golfcourse-precinct-plan