What is happening at Wentworth Falls Lake Park?

    Wentworth Falls Lake Park will be the next recipient of an upgrade, thanks to the Western Sydney City Deal

    Liveability Program. Through the Western Sydney City Deal, we have over $1.7 million to spend on upgrades to the Wentworth Falls Lake Park.

    There is additional funding of $200 000 from the 'Everyone Can Play' grant, and Council's contribution of $400 000 towards the replacement play space.

    We are also starting work on a Plan of Management for the park, and the City Deal works will form part of the Wentworth Falls Lake Park Plan of Management.

    What’s involved in the City Deal upgrade?

    The proposed upgrades and funding will include an accessible walkway over the dam wall, to a new accessible viewing platform, improvements to the dam wall to support that walkway, and a new multi-purpose shelter. Much of $1.7 million money will go towards ensuring the dam wall continues to be functional, safe and accessible into the future. The Masterplan and Plan of Management are not part of the City Deal funding.

    What is a Plan of Management?

    A Plan of Management is a legal document to guide how the park will be managed. It establishes directions for planning, permissible uses, management and maintenance of the land. These plans are endorsed by Crown Lands and Council. The Local Government Act 1993 requires Council to have a Plan of Management in place for all public land that is classified ‘community land’, and these plans must be endorsed by the State Government.

    What is a Masterplan?

    A Masterplan is a more detailed plan that guides future design to improve function and access, facilitate social activity and amenity for residents and visitors while recognising, respecting and enhancing the existing character. Masterplans are endorsed by Council.

    What is a ‘district park’?

    Wentworth Falls Lake Park is one of four district parks in the Blue Mountains. District parks are large and high quality parks that cater to the needs of the broader Blue Mountains community. They offer a wider variety of activities and settings and are often the most popular parks and playgrounds. District parks can cost over $1 million to upgrade. More information about parks and playgrounds is available at: www.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/recreation/playgrounds

    Is the play space being replaced?

    Yes. There are currently two play spaces at Wentworth Falls Lake – one is the Pirate Ship which remains a popular attraction and is in good condition, so will remain. The one to the west of the Pirate Ship play space is 22 years old so it’s time for an update. Given it is a very popular location and needs to be replaced with a similar sized play space, Council secured $200 000 through the ‘Everyone Can Play’ grant which will top up Council’s contribution of $400 000. The ‘Everyone Can Play’ grant is separate to the Western Parkland City Liveabiltiy Program which is funding other improvements.

    Do we get a say in what the play space looks like?

    Yes. We are presenting play space options for the community to choose from through a survey. Both options have a nature-based style with many adventurous and inclusive elements. We would like to know which option you prefer.

    There is some scope for mix and match so you can also let us know which are your favourite elements. The final design will take into account your preferences as well as being within the capacity of the allocated funding. The survey will be open from 11 December 2020 to 17 January 2021.

    Is Council planning to drastically change Wentworth Falls Lake Park?

    No. The City Deal upgrade, and the changes permitted by the Plan of Management will enhance the space and the way the community uses it making it easier to get around, and protect the environmental values that make it so special. Our goal is to find out what you love about Wentworth Falls Lake Park, and improve the experience for all.

    Why is money being spent on the dam wall?

    We are proposing to provide a new accessible pathway over the dam wall as part of the upgrade. This includes looking into what improvements may need to be undertaken to the dam before starting construction.

    Will there be more parking?

    The consultation for the Plan of Management and Masterplan will provide an opportunity for you to provide feedback on the current and future parking needs at Wentworth Falls Lake Park.

    What is a multi-purpose shelter?

    Some of the existing shelters may require upgrades, and we also want to make sure they are user friendly and cater to many needs. 

    Are the proposals for the City Deal upgrade final?

    No. These improvements are important and we want your help to shape the designs. Consulting with you will also help us identify other priorities for the Plan of Management, and all future works will reflect those priorities.

    What other upgrades are happening around Wentworth Falls?

    A component of the City Deal Liveability grant funding is to improve sections of the footpath leading up to Wentworth Falls Lake and we will let you know when we get started on that.