Introduction to Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025

by virginia.field, about 7 years ago

Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025 is the Community Strategic Plan for the City of Blue Mountains. It expresses the community endorsed objectives and strategies that will drive improved outcomes for the City in the areas of Looking After Environment, Moving Around, Using Land, Looking After People, Sustainable Economy and Civic Leadership. The plan also identifies measures to assess our progress in achieving the plan.

It is a NSW legislative requirement that Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025 is reviewed and endorsed by the Council following each council term election (i.e. every four years). The review involves looking at the challenges and opportunities currently facing the City and the Council. The Plan will then be modified so that it reflects current priorities for both Council and community in building the future of the City.

The update of Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025 asks four key questions:

  • Where are we now as city and a community?
  • Where do we want the city and community to be in 10 years’ time?
  • What strategies will be required to reach the goals? and
  • How will we measure the progress?

To assess the progress of the City in implementing Sustainable Blue Mountains 2025 State of City Report is prepared every 4 years as well as an End of Council Term Report (see link to this report to right in Library section).

This consultation has concluded.