The work of the Blackheath Streetscape Group

The Blackheath Streetscape Group (BSG) undertook significant fieldwork to assess all streets in Blackheath and recommend a street tree theme for almost all streets in the town. Only a few streets with no room for planting are not included.  

The BSG  group used prinicples discussed with Council's Urban Designer including:

  • Recognition of existing plantins that were worthy of repetition for example, the Flowering Cherries in Hat Hill Road, or the Plane Trees in Neate Park;
  • Recognition of limits to exotic species and the use of indigenous species on town edges in particular; and
  • The technical specification required for a "competent" street tree, i.e. single trunk, elevated canopy, long lived, etc.

Note that all species are assessed for weed potential to avoid trees that are existing weeds or are likely to be problematic in the future.

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This consultation has concluded.

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