What is happening at Springwood Town Centre?

    Three pedestrian crossings are being upgraded on Macquarie Road, Springwood. The crossings, between Raymond Rd and Rest Park, will be upgraded to Australian standards, making it easier and safer for pedestrians to access local shops.

    Guttering will be replaced on the roadside garden beds to bring them in line with Australian Standards. There will also be new seating and trees to improve the streetscape and formalised parking with marked spaces, to make it easier for everyone to use Macquarie Road.

    Who is funding this?

    The Springwood Town Centre upgrade is being funded through the Western Parkland City Liveability Program, which is part of the Western Sydney City Deal (WSCD). The WSCD is a 20 year-agreement between Australian and NSW governments and the eight local Councils of the Western Parkland City. The Liveability Program is one of six pillars of the WSCD and will deliver improved community facilities and public spaces, and enhance liveability in the Blue Mountains.

    Is this part of the Springwood Town Centre Masterplan?

    Yes. The Masterplan identified the need to improve accessibility along the main street. With the available funds through the Western Parkland City Liveability Program, Council now has this opportunity to improve pedestrian safety which will benefit everyone. The upgrades will provide significant benefits for those in our community living with disability, and the people who care for them. Brightening up the busy Springwood Town Centre, with new street plantings is also consistent with the Masterplan.

    When is this happening?

    We commenced night works on 15 November 2020 to implement new street plantings on Macquarie Road.

    We will restart works on 11 January 2020 to bring 3 pedestrian crossings on Macquarie Road up to Australian standards and to formalise the parking spaces by marking them out. Works will be undertaken around the clock to shorten the timeframe and minimise disruption.

    Stage 1 of the works will commence on the pedestrian crossing at the front of the train station, which will be demolished and constructed.

    Once this is complete, Stage 2 will begin with the upgrade of the pedestrian crossing at the front of The Bunker Café. The pedestrian crossing at the front of the Early Childhood Health Centre/IGA will be demolished and constructed at the same time.

    Will shops and business be open during construction?

    Yes. Although there will be some disruption to Macquarie Road, businesses and shops can stay open. We are doing everything we can to minimise the disruption so you will still be able to walk down the street, visit your favourite café and support local businesses.

    At different times, we may need to close parts of the road, but one lane of traffic will be open during the day to keep traffic moving. If the road needs to be closed for a significant period, it will be done out of normal business hours.

    Will I still be able to access public transport?

    Yes. Things may look at little different during construction but you will still be able to access all public transport including the trains, buses and taxis. As much as possible, we will have signage to help you find your way around.

    How much extra time should I give myself when coming to Springwood?

    It’s a good idea to allow more time than usual, if you are planning to come into Springwood Town Centre. One lane of traffic will be open during the day to help keep traffic flowing but at peak times, it could take longer than usual.

    Where will I park?

    You can continue to park in the various carparks around Springwood Town Centre. There will be periods of reduced parking next to the pedestrian crossings that are being upgraded. This is only temporary and there will be no permanent loss of parking once the upgrades are complete.

    Will the markets be affected?

    We know the monthly markets are very popular and they will continue to run.

    How can I find out more about the construction and timeline?

    We will keep in touch with the business and shops in the Town Centre, as we have more details about how the construction will be staged.

    To follow the progress of the project, we encourage interested people to sign up on the Have Your Say webpage https://yoursay.bmcc.nsw.gov.au/springwood-town-centre