What is this project?

    We are planning for future access and accommodation improvements at South Street Depot. Over the coming months, with your help, we will be determining plans for the depot. These plans will improve how the site functions and help strengthen safety at the site.

    Why are we doing this?

    We are committed to improving work sites for Staff, and our Depots are a priority focus. Planning for South Street Depot follows improvements already underway at Springwood Depot.

    How can Staff get involved?

    We will be giving you the opportunity to have your say on the future of this site, in various ways. These activities include:

    • A Lunch Launch Event at South St Depot on Tuesday, 28 July, 1pm–3pm.
    • A survey (online and/or hard cop
    • Nominating for Staff co-design workshops (that will have representatives from every Directorate).

    What will we be asking Staff to comment on?

    We want Staff to give feedback on how the South St Depot can be improved over time. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

    Areas for possible improvement might relate to office accommodation, meeting rooms, lunch areas, toilets, landscaping and utilities, car parking, as well as the circulation of vehicles on site and how plant and equipment is stored.

    We also want Staff to comment on how the layout of the site could be better, in the future.

    Who is managing this project?

    Special Projects Manager Russell Brecknell is overseeing this project. He will be working with the designers, who have been contracted to help finalise plans.

    The designers will be on-site during busy periods over the coming weeks to firstly observe how the site functions, and then later to ask Staff questions about how they think the site could be improved. They will also be taking drone footage of the site.

    Russell will also be working with the Executive Leadership Team and a core project team, who have been nominated to assist. The core project team includes Staff from every Directorate:

    • WHS Safety Advisor – Mick Keyes (OCE
    • Fleet Program Leader – Warren Gracey (SCS)
    • Open Space and Recreation Manger – Dan Long (CC
    • Construction & Maintenance Program Leader – John Troth (EPI
    • Natural Area Management Program Leader – Eric Mahony (EPS)

    How long will the project take?

    The planning process will be conducted throughout 2020.

    Once a draft plan is created, Staff will be able to provide further comment and feedback before the plan is finalised.

    Final plans will enable this project to be costed, and then funded in future years.