15 April → 29 May 2015

Exhibition of Naming Proposal 'Stanley Bignell Walkway'

The proposal to name the pathway system of Wentworth Falls Lake 'Stanley Bignell Walkway' is put on public exhibition for comment.
01 June → 26 June 2015

Comments from Exhibition Reviewed - Report to the Council

The Comments from the Public Exhibition are reviewed. A Report is prepared for the Council summarising the exhibition process.
21 July 2015

(Likely) Council Meeting to consider recommendation from exhibition

Likely meeting date in which the Council will review the Report on the Exhibition, and consider whether to adopt the name.
27 July → 30 August 2015

Geographic Names Board process (if name adopted)

If name is adopted by the Council, it will be forwarded to the GNB. The GNB will review proposed name, and then place on exhibition in Government Gazette for 28 days. If no significant concerns, name will be formally adopted.