Why has Council developed a draft Public Memorials Policy?

    Council has developed a draft Public Memorials Policy in order to ensure that all proposals for memorials to people, groups or events are consistently assessed and approved in different spaces and land types across the City of the Blue Mountains.

    Where will the draft Public Memorials Policy apply?

    The draft Public Memorials Policy will apply to all Council owned or controlled spaces. These spaces include:

    • Parks and ovals;
    • Natural spaces;
    • Buildings; and
    • Road reserves

    Where doesn’t the draft Public Memorials apply?

    The draft Public Memorials policy does not apply to memorials that would be established in a cemetery. The draft Public Memorials Policy does not apply to memorials that incorporate Public Art. These types of memorials would be assessed under the Council’s Public Art Policy and the Accepting Gifts of Art to the City policy.

    How are proposals for memorials to be assessed under the draft policy?

    The draft public Memorials Policy sets out a series of criteria for the assessment of proposals for memorials on Council controlled land or buildings. These criteria need to be addressed in writing by the individual or group proposing the memorial. These criteria include:

    • The relationship of the person, group or event to the place where the memorial is proposed;
    • The nature of the proposed memorial;
    • The character and uses of the space in which the proposed memorial is to be located;
    • It does not pose a safety risk, or increase the maintenance requriements of the proposed location; and
    • Will not invite vandalism.

    Individuals or groups who are proposing a public memorial should address these criteria, as outlined in the draft policy, in writing at the time of submission.

    How are proposals for memorials to be approved under the draft policy?

    When a proposal for a new memorial is received by the Council, it will be assessed for compliance by the General Manager.

    Memorials with an estimated value of less than $10,000 will be reported to the Council in groups (depending on volume of applications received) two to three times per year. Memorials with an estimated value less than $10,000 can be approved or rejected by the Council without a requirement for public consultation.

    Memorials with an estimated value greater than $10,000 will be assessed by the General Manager, and reported to the Council as soon as practical as they are received. Complying proposals will, with the consent of Council, be publically exhibited for a period of at least 28 days in order to receive public comment. Once a proposal has been exhibited, the results of the public exhibition will be reported back to the Council for final approval.

    While the requirement to report to Council will lengthen the time required to approve a proposed memorial, it is considered important to ensure the approval process is transparent and consistent.