Who owns Pioneer Place?

    Pioneer Place is a Council owned public parking facility. This includes both the upper (outside Coles/Kmart) and lower teirs of the car park. The basement car park beneath Coles/Kmart is privately owned.

    When will the work occur and how will it be funded?

    The timing and funding of the works identified in the master plan will be dependant on outcomes of any negotiated voluntary planning agreement, the availability of developer contributions and prioritisation of funding within the Council's capital works program.

    What is a voluntary planning agreement?

    A voluntary planning agreement or VPA is an agreement made between a developer and Council in the context of specific proposals by developers. A VPA may seek to mitigate the impacts of development in the immediate locality, to achieve tailored development outcomes and targeted public benefits or to provide enhanced and more flexible infrastructure funding and delivery.

    Fabcot Pty Ltd (a trading subsidary of Woolworths Pty) have submitted a development application for the redevelopment of 30-34 Waratah Street, Katoomba (currently occupied by Coles/Kmart). The developer has expressed a willingness to enter into a VPA with Council. Should the development application gain approval, the is an opportunity to negotiate a planning agreement that will ensure delivery of a number of elements established in the master plan.