The draft Master Plan seeks to achieve improved saftey for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle users. Do you think the Plan will improve safety?

by Pioneer, over 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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  • Toby about 9 years ago
    I like the 2 pedestrian crossings, I think they will improve safety. I like the increased car parking widths, they should also increase safety and visibility. Well labelled and organized crossing and entry/exit points are great ways of letting drivers and pedestrians know how to navigate the areas safely.
  • jayman about 9 years ago
    This is not an area anyone would want to sit or have their kids playing, it is a ludicrous idea! I like the concept of larger parking spaces, but not less carparking overall, we need MORE carparking spaces...or does no one in council drive to the shops there anymore? Better idea; tunnel under, make more car parks available, and maybe have an extit/entrance to that underground carpark from either side of the Grt West Hwy.

    This will relieve traffic congestion, particularly during long weekends and holidays when we suffer more traffic.
  • mtnsblue about 9 years ago
    I think the new pedestrian crossings, the wider footpaths and the narrowing of the roadway will definitely improve pedestrian safety. My big concern however is that the new plan does not really separate cars and pedestrians. Both still have to juggle for priority, particularly on the lower tier of Pioneer Place. It's very dangerous now and I would hope that we could do something about that going forward. Of course, putting the car spaces underground and opening up the lower tier of Pioneer Place to pedestrians only, would solve the problem beautifully, but that probably would never get up.