Why Mount Victoria Village Centre?

    Mount Victoria was significantly impacted by the 2019-20 (and 2013) bushfires. After the 2019-20 bushfires Council received community feedback calling for the need to support a thriving Mount Victoria Village Centre. A number of facilities and services in Mount Victoria Village Centre were identified by community and Council as needing improvement. These include visitor services, recreation services, village amenity and business support. Funding was sought by Council from the Australian Government’s Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program.

    How was this draft scope of works identified?

    The proposed works and initiatives have been developed based on community feedback, adopted Council Plans, and legislative requirements for the public domain. They will improve the quality of social and economic activities in Mount Victoria, and support the recovery and ongoing resilience of Mount Victoria village. 

    The project aligns with the following adopted Council Plans: 

    • The Economic Development & Tourism Strategy 2021 sets our 10-year direction to deliver the economic and visitor economy outcomes for the Blue Mountains.
    • The Open Space and Recreation Strategic Plan 2018-2028 provides strategic policy for managing open space and the provision of sport and recreation facilities in the City of Blue Mountains.
    • The Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021 outlines key actions that encourage more positive community attitudes and behaviours, creating a more liveable community.
    • The Heritage Strategy 2021-2025 provides a guiding framework for the management of built heritage within the Blue Mountains local government area, to ensure that the unique heritage of our towns and villages is identified, protected, supported and promoted.
    • The Water Sensitive Blue Mountains Strategic Plan was developed in collaboration with all sections of Council, the community, WaterNSW, the SPLASH Network and the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. 
    • The Creative Strategy 2020-2027 sets out the themes, aims and actions identified by Council to support a growing, diverse and prosperous creative sector in the region.
    • The Street Tree Masterplan March 2012 that provides general guidance for planting along our streets and Great Western Highway with a palette of trees at town centres that provides a “sense of place” as part of the Mountains’ character.

    High-level planning direction and priorities was further derived from: 

    Why were the works at the Heritage Staircase at the Great Western Highway needed?

    The works to formally close the middle heritage staircase outside 113 and 119 Great Western Highway were needed to improve safety, improve the visual amenity of this Heritage Item, and to address the ongoing maintenance of the adjacent garden beds. 

    These improvements have now been completed. Due to safety concerns these works these works were prioritised and were completed early 2023. Completed works include:

    • Permanent closure of the top and bottom of the middle staircase to improve safety

    • Painting of balustrade

    • Removal of weeds and vegetation from garden beds to address ongoing maintenance

    • Addition of Gabion ballast to garden beds and improved drainage

    • Boston Ivy reinstated

    • Installation of concealed driveway signage as per Transport for New South Wales specifications

    • Additional signage to promote safety

    • Further weed removal adjacent to Great Western Highway

    What community consultation has taken place?

    Extensive community consultation took place in late 202 and further opportunities for community feedback to inform the planning and delivery of this project will be available as the project develops.

    A consultation report summarising the community feedback received is available to download.

    How are the upgrades being funded?

    Under the Australian Government’s Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program, Council secured almost $900,000 to deliver a package of works for Mount Victoria Village Centre. This comprehensive renewal package will support social and economic recovery through a range of initiatives identified with the Mount Victoria community. It will provide a number of important upgrades to infrastructure and enhancements to village amenity.