What will be different about the dog area?

    Once inside the fenced dog off leash area, you can choose from several tracks and play zones as well as new areas to sit, relax and chat. The dog play opportunities and agility activities include tunnels, turf mounds as well as long runs. Drinking water will also be available. The fencing around the off leash area will make it safe for large and fast dogs to get the running exercise they need, as well as protect the sensitive wetlands at the site.

    Where will the accessible path go?

    An accessible path will go from the Ferris Lane carpark (near Lawson Oval) past the nature exploration area and amphitheatre to the fenced dog off leash area. Another accessible path will come from Wilson Street in a sweeping walkway to meet the lower entrance of the dog off leash area. There will be accessible loop walks between 1 and 2km long. One will follow the boundary of the dog off leash area and another will allow you to venture further, enjoying the quieter outskirts of the park.

    Is the nature exploration area for kids?

    Yes. The nature exploration area will offer opportunities for families to discover and be led by the natural features such as boulders, logs and sand.

    Is there a new amphitheatre?

    Yes. Close by will be the grass terrace seating that creates a natural amphitheatre for informal gatherings and small community events.

    What is being done to look after the bushland?

    We are increasing the edge of the riparian zone. This means planting more locally sourced natives to protect the creekline, swamp and wet areas. There will be additional native planting underneath the canopy in the some bush areas.

    Are there any other new elements to the upgrade?

    Yes. Water refill stations will be positioned at the entrance to both the park and inside the fenced dog off leash area and to alert users to Adelina Falls, a low fence and entrance gate will be placed along the walking track.

    Will there be a toilet?

    The need for a toilet is recognised in both the Plan of Management and Master Plan. However, no funding has been identified in the short or medium term and Council is investigating options.

    Tell me about the Masterplan and Plan of management for South Lawson Park

    The Draft Plan of Management and Amended Masterplan for the South Lawson Park were adopted on 30 March 2021.

    A Plan of Management is a legal document to guide how the park will be managed. It establishes directions for planning, permissible uses, management and maintenance of the land. These plans are endorsed by Crown Lands and Council.

    A Masterplan is a more detailed plan that guides future design to improve function and access, facilitate social activity and amenity for residents and visitors while recognising, respecting and enhancing the existing character. Masterplans are endorsed by Council.

    Does South Lawson Park have an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)?

    Lawson Parklands (South Lawson Park) is a Gundungurra listed site, and Council has an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with the Gundungurra people. This is a legally binding agreement, which means the final plans for what we do on the site must be approved by the traditional owners of the land.

    The City of the Blue Mountains is located within the Country of the Dharug and Gundungurra peoples. Council recognises that Dharug and Gundungurra Traditional Owners have a continuous and deep connection to their Country and that this is of great cultural significance to Aboriginal people, both locally and in the region.

    Will the park remain open during construction?

    While construction is taking place the site will remain open to the public, however, some paths will be temporarily closed for safety, including the Ferris Lane gate. You will always be able to access the site from Wilson Street.

    Construction traffic will also need to access the site to deliver materials and these trucks will travel along Staples Crescent, New Street, Adelaide Street and Wilson Street. 

    Will construction begin and finish?

    Work on the upgrade will begin in November 2021 and is due to be finished by June 2022.