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  • Kids Street Library at Hawkesbury Heights!

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    We are so grateful for the kids and community who have helped us find great locations all over the Blue Mountains including at 14 Roberts Parade Hawkesbury Heights.
    Local resident and Grandmother Nafiya Mind suggested her place would be ideal because " Hawkesbury Heights is a very small community with lots of kids who walk and ride bikes around with their parents" . The Library is now stocked with books and ready for visits from local kids!
    Thanks to John and Mark (pictured) from the Central Blue Mountains Shed who helped install .

  • Kids Street Library comes to Wentworth Falls

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    A Kids Street Library is now available for use for kids 0-12 at 25 Shortland Street Wentworth Falls. Neva Stockwell door knocked her neighborhood to find the perfect site that would be suitable and safe for kids to get to. Many thanks to the owner of the property, Louise Beckett who was happy to support the local kids accessing books! Neva also indicated that now the Street Library was installed that she would letterbox the Neighbourhood to make sure everyone knew! Thanks Neva! An emerging community leader!
    Neva and her sister Peri were keen to stock the Library with the books kindly provided by Blue Mountains City Library and will ensure that the Library stays full with a good supply of books! Local kids Cameron, Raiden and Tylah came to celebrate the new Library with Neva and her sister Peri.

  • Kids Street Library comes to Blackheath

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    A new Kids Street Library is now available outside at the Kookaburra Preschool, 9-11 Park Avenue Blackheath.
    The site was found for the community by Elijah Hughnan. Elijah was a great advocate for this Street Library location as the "BEST" place for kids. Elijah and his 2 brothers attended the preschool when they were younger. They know by first hand experience how many people can go past the Library.
    Elijah also contributed a design idea, along with Neva from Wentworth Falls, that decorates the Library.
    Thanks to the Blue Mountains Women's Shed who painted and decorated the Library. The books are kindly donated from Blue Mountains Libraries. Library staff selected a range of books suitable for toddlers to teens for each of the 11 Kids Street Libraries. Elijah personally packed the Library with a good selection for all ages and Preschool Director Kerrie Lovegrove is minding the box of books to ensure that the Library is always full. Come along and check it out!

    Photo shows Elijah and Kerry at the new Blackheath Kids Street Library

  • Kid's Street Libraries in Valley Heights!

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    Our 2nd Kids Street Library was installed at 30 Green Parade Valley Heights at the home of Jon and Yihui Zhang- Khilgarriff. Daughter Steph suggested it would be a great location! "There are a lot of kids around!"
    Steph got involved with this project because " I want to share my reading passion with other kids. It is an opportunity to share my books with other kids. I have hundreds of books at home. My mum is a librarian. She always reads. So does my dad. Reading is a secret power for kids. I can look after it as it is outside of my house. I will clean street library and refresh it often. "

    After it was installed Steph said her favorite part of the Library is the design –the ideas of both Neva from Wentworth Falls and Elijah from Blackheath.

    Thanks Steph!

    Steph with new kids street library at Valley Heights with parents Jon and Yihui

    The first of the Kids Street Libraries was recently installed at Rainbow Preschool, 53 Singles Road, Winmalee.

    An auspicious date for the Centre which was celebrating 25 years of operation. The owner Joan Murray has always been passionate about kids, books and reading with books, not technology, “You can’t cuddle technology like you can a child and a story book” says Joan.

    The book supply for the Kids Libraries to cover all ages up to 12 years have been lovingly packed by Blue Mountains Library staff.

    Peter Pugeja, John Crichton and Andrew Jamieson from the Central Blue Mountains shed installed the Library (fist image below) and Sherlie Lewis and Karen Stevenson from the Women's Shed completed the last of the installation (middle image below).

    The artwork, designed by children Neva from Wentworth Falls and Elijah from Blackheath, was painted by Karen, Rachel and Maude from the Women’s Shed (last image below).

    Finally Iszaack and Jermiah who found this location for us was there to help us celebrate. The brothers selected the Preschool from good personal experience.

    I don't go to Rainbow Preschool any more but I think it would be the perfect place for a street library because preschool kids and their big brothers like me could easily use it every time we went to the preschool for a drop off or pickup. Mums and Dads would like it too and Mrs Murray would be excellent at looking after it. She loves books. Also lots of people drive along Singles Ridge Road and they could stop by too they said.

    If you live in the area- be sure to drop by with your kids.
    Information about other Community Street Libraries in the Mountains can be found here
    Details of the remaining 10 Blue Mountains Kids Street Library locations to come soon!

  • Conversation Corner

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    Head over to the Conversation Corner which is a space to be used by kids at anytime, to let us know about things important to them around Council's decision making. Tell us about:

    • Which village do you live in ?
    • What would make your community awesome?
    • Why is this important for you
    • How is that different to how things are now
    • What do we need to do?
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