What is a Masterplan?

    A masterplan is a three-dimensional proposal for development or redevelopment affecting physical, economic, and social factors. It includes drawings and written descriptions of the proposed design approach and development type.

    A successful masterplan should: 

    • raise aspirations and provide a vehicle for consensus and implementation
    • take into account likely implementation and delivery opportunities 
    • fully integrate with the land-use planning system 
    • enable new opportunities that fulfill the full potential of an area
    • be flexible and provide a basis for negotiation
    • result from a participatory process, providing all stakeholders with the means of expressing their needs and priorities. 

    The Katoomba Masterplan sets the 20-year framework to guide revitalisation, development, and investment. 

    Why has Council prepared the Katoomba Masterplan?

    The Western City District Plan (prepared by the Greater Sydney Commission) identifies Katoomba as the strategic centre of the Blue Mountains, being a location of employment, key services and facilities. 

    The master planning of Katoomba is identified as an action within Blue Mountains 2040: Living Sustainably (the Blue Mountains Local Strategic Planning Statement). 

    How will the Masterplan be used?

    The Masterplan sets the strategic direction for land use decisions in Katoomba and will assist Council in organising and prioritising projects and works programs, preparing strategy and applying for grant funding. The Masterplan will also guide private investment by clearly presenting Council’s and the community’s expectations for Katoomba.

    Does the Masterplan propose changes to planning controls?

    The Masterplan sets the strategic direction for land use in Katoomba and will be implemented through a series of actions as outlined in the document. Some of these actions outline the need for Council to investigate planning controls to implement the vision outlined in the Masterplan. This will be a separate body of work undertaken in line with legislative requirements and will be subject to future community consultation.

    Are the concept designs shown in the Masterplan final?

    No. The drawings shown in the draft Masterplan are to demonstrate key concepts described within the document. These concepts will be subject to future detailed design at later stages. 

    Council welcomes feedback on these proposals, as feedback received from the community will assist in refining the concepts prior to finalising the Masterplan.

    How does the Masterplan relate to the former Katoomba Golf Course?

    The draft Katoomba Masterplan recognises the former Katoomba Golf Course as a key site that will be subject to detailed planning and sets the strategic direction for the site. 

    Council is currently preparing a separate Precinct Plan for the former Katoomba Golf Course site. More information on this project is available on the Former Katoomba Golf Course engagement page

    How can I have my say on the Draft Katoomba Masterplan?

    You can share your feedback on the draft Katoomba Masterplan via the survey and/or make a submission.

    Council is also running a series of information sessions, drop-in sessions, and walking tours in Katoomba to provide more information. You can find out when the sessions are on and register on the main Katoomba Masterplan project page