What is a Masterplan?

    A long-term planning document. Masterplans outline the vision, principles and priorities for the future of an area and are used to guide growth and development.

    How can I participate in the master planning process?

    If you live, work or play in Katoomba we would like your input to revitalise this town. To get started, you will need to register or log-in to Have Your Say.

    • Do the Katoomba Masterplan Survey. Let us know what you like and would like to see improved about Katoomba’s and your hopes are for the areas future.
    • Join us at an event. Two events will be held in December 2020, and you can participate in-person or online.
    • Express your interest in joining the Stakeholder Reference Group. We will work with this group to develop a vision for Katoomba and prioritise areas for place-making based on input from the community.

    For more information or to participate offline, call our Customer Contact Centre at 4780 5000.

    What is the Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG)?

    The Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) is a representative sample of the community in Katoomba. They will work with Council to examine input from the community and use it to develop a vision for Katoomba, draft planning principles, and prioritise areas for place-making based masterplanning.

    The SRG will meet four times between December 2020 and February 2021. Members of the SRG will have their names published on this page, along with the outputs of all SRG meetings.

    Who can participate in the SRG?

    The SRG will be made up of 8-10 people representing different interests, demographics and areas of Katoomba.

    Expressions of interest to join the SRG are open until 11 November 2020 and we are encouraging anyone with an interest in the project to apply.

    Council will decide the SRG members based on the criteria outlined here. We have asked Engagement Consultants, Engage2 to collect, review and make recommendations based on these criteria. Council may then contact applicants to discuss their application and reserves the right to supplement the SRG make-up by directly approaching a stakeholders to increase representation.

    What is the purpose of the Masterplan?

    The Masterplan will enhance the livability and vibrancy of the area. It will consider the character of the area, natural environment and function of key places like the town centre and the connections between them.

    How will the masterplanning process work?

    The process will be multi-staged with the first stage scheduled to conclude in February 2021, so site-specific planning can commence in early 2021.

    During the planning process we will consider the housing, employment and transport options available in Katoomba and propose priorities for land use and site-specific planning, public space and streetscape enhancement.

    The Masterplan will draw on the objectives outlined in the Community Strategic Plan and the Katoomba character statement developed during the Local Strategic Planning Statement process last year. Council’s Planning team are also reviewing community input and the status of activities discussed during the 1998 charette.