What does Public Exhibition mean?

    Public exhibition is the official period during which draft documents are made available for consultation and feedback. The community and key stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback to Council, usually in the form of a written submission.

    What is on Exhibition?

    There are four documents on Public Exhibition, for you to review and provide feedback on:

    1. Community Strategic Plan: Sustainable Blue Mountains 2035 identifies our community’s vision, aspirations and priorities for the future, and sets out strategies for achieving these goals over the next 10+ years. Implementation of the plan is the responsibility of all levels of government, non-government agencies, local organisations and the community. Only by working together will we achieve the best possible outcomes for the Blue Mountains. 
    2. Resourcing Strategy 2022-2032 outlines Council’s resourcing commitment to implementing the objectives and strategies of the Community Strategic Plan. It outlines our 10-year finance, asset and workforce strategies, within available resources.
    3. Delivery Program 2022-2026 is a statement of commitment to the community from each newly elected Council, outlining what it intends to do during its term in office. The Delivery Program 2022-2026 outlines what Council will do over the next four years to implement the long-term vision and objectives in our Community Strategic Plan, within the resources available under the Resourcing Strategy. The Operational Plan 2022-2023 provides more detail about the services the Council will deliver over the next 12 months, and identifies projects, programs, and activities that Council will conduct during the year, and associated budget, to achieve the commitments of the Delivery Program. 
    4. Fees and Charges 2022-2023 identifies additional costs associated with the use of specific Council services and facilities.

    Why are these documents important?

    These documents link the community’s long-term goals with Council’s plans, policies, services and resources. They are important because they show what Council is doing to make a more sustainable and successful Blue Mountains, environmentally, socially and economically.

    By looking at the documents and telling us what you think, and whether you think we have missed anything - you’ll help shape the future our City.