Background Information

over 1 year ago

The Gully was declared an Aboriginal Place in 2002 under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. The Gully was nominated as an Aboriginal place because of its significant pre-contact Aboriginal sites, and post contact settlements and it ongoing occupation by Aboriginal People until forced eviction in 1957.

The existing Plan of Management, titled The Upper Kedumba River Valley was revised in 2004, and incorporated the public reserve of Frank Walford Park and parts of Katoomba Falls Reserve (McRae’s Paddock and Cascades/Selby Street section) This Plan of Management (POM) is 14 years old and does not reflect the contemporary cultural values and perspectives held by the Gully community.

The project has received funding from the Office of Environment and Heritage through the NSW Heritage Grants – Aboriginal Heritage Project.

The Plan of Management review is being undertaken by Blue Mountains City Council in cooperation with the Gully Traditional Owners Inc.