Are there legitimate places where graffiti might be allowed?

almost 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

There are no places within the Blue Mountains where graffiti is allowed. However opportunities exist for the production and placement of murals and other pieces of public art (including aerosol art) within the local governemant area. For further information reference should be made to the Council's Public Art Policy. Additional information is also available through the Council's customer service centres.

This consultation has concluded.

  • mumbles over 9 years ago
    There should be a legitimate place for Graffiti within the Blue Mountains, So as to discourage Illegal Graffiti in public places
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    • Baddles over 9 years ago
      There definitely need to be legal places provided by the council for graffiti artists.The ACT have some fantastic legal sites for graffiti artists and they don't seem to have the same big problem we have with tagging as a result of this. In fact, there are currently 29 legal graffiti art sites around Canberra. They are listed on their website. I have been to the Woden one, described by local artists as the "hall of fame" and some of the works are truly amazing there.Here's the link to the A.C.T. legal graffiti program.