Why upgrade the Gordon Falls Reserve precinct?

    We want Gordon Falls reserve to be a place that:

    • offers nature based recreational experiences to everyone 
    • meets the current and future needs of residents and visitors
    • is accessible, safe, and compliant with current standards

    What is a precinct plan?

    A plan that provides a precinct-level framework to guide and prioritise future upgrades of reserve and visitor infrastructure in the short and long-term.

    Why have a precinct masterplan for the Gordon Falls Reserve?

    The purpose of the precinct masterplan is to coordinate planning for future nature-based recreation and to prioritise and guide the delivery of recreational infrastructure upgrades.

    What will the precinct masterplan achieve?

    The aim of any future upgrades to the Reserve is to protect the environmental and cultural values of the site, improve residential amenity, meet current safety standards, meet current and future visitor demand, improve the experience of both residents and visitors, support local economic development, and provide universal access for all abilities.

    What is being considered in a precinct masterplan?

    •    renewal and replacement of things like public toilets, picnic facilities, and play equipment

    •    upgrades to walking tracks and Elysian and Olympian Rock Lookouts

    •    car parking arrangements on the site and surrounds

    •    the feasibility of an accessible walking track to a lookout within the Reserve

    Where is Council up to with this precinct masterplan?

    •    Right now, we have a draft precinct plan to be placed on exhibition for public comment

    •    Council, with the expert help of landscape design consultants, have undertaken an initial survey and analysis of the site, and an assessment of opportunities and constraints relating to the site, undertaken initial consultation with the community and Council staff and then developed plans that draw together all those inputs

    •    With the work that has been done, we are keen for the community to contribute with feedback on the draft precinct plan.

    Does Gordon Falls Reserve have a Plan of Management?

    • Draft Cliff Walk Reserve Plan of Management
    • Draft Leura Oval Plan of Management

    How will Threatened Species be protected?

    • Threatened Species - Euphrasia bowdeniae – is known to be present in the precinct – on the cliff line below Gordon Falls Reserve
    • All construction proposals will require approval under Part 5 of EP&A Act 1979. A Review of Environmental Factors will be required for proposed construction on Council managed land.
    • Typically in areas closer to the escarpment council would use construction techniques that harden tracks or lookout areas in ways such as the use of boardwalks or decks.
    • If concrete were to be used to harden tracks, we would investigate techniques to minimise alkaline runoff.

    Safety and Compliance

    Much of the work to upgrade the precinct is bringing existing elements to a level where they are fit for purpose and comply with Australian Standards. AS1428 – Disability Access Code or AS2156 – Walking Tracks: Classification and Signage & ( Part 2) Infrastructure Design Standard.


    • Council is obliged to meet the requirements of the DDA Act – Disability Discrimination Act
    • The expectation is that, in any new facilities, and the upgrade of existing facilities, if we can make it accessible, then we should.  
    • Everyone should be able to visit, explore, and enjoy these special places. 
    • Providing universal access serves residents and visitors alike – at any age or stage.

    On-street parking

    Council’s Transport Infrastructure team is currently undertaking a review of on street parking to assess the current situation regarding on street parking.

    Off-street parking

    Current Off Street Parking

    •    Southern Car Park -  11 spaces + 1 Accessible space

    •    Northern Car Park – 12 Spaces ( approx. )

    Total – 23 spaces + 1 accessible space

    Proposed Off Street Parking

    •    Southern Car Park – 9 standard spaces, 1 coffee cart space + 2 accessible spaces

    •    Northern Car park – 15 standard spaces, 4 accessible spaces

    •    Total – 24 standard spaces + 6 Accessible spaces + 1 coffee cart

    •    The bus stop has been upgraded with a shelter

    •    One minibus space is provided – in Olympian Parade in front of the park

    •    Based on traffic data from 2019 on street capacity is 180 vehicles with peak use being approximately 50 cars.

    •    Overflow parking for the Grand Cliff Top Walk is proposed to be at Leura Oval 

    Park and Playground

    The Open Space Recreation Strategic Plan – defines this park as a neighbourhood park (themes – Imagine / Create (making up stories and role play games), Explore (observing, finding), Social (any form of play where children meet and interact) & Kinetic (swinging, sliding) these themes lend themselves to more nature play.

    What does Council have money to do?

    •    At a minimum Council has funding at present to put bridges over the two landslips on the Prince Henry Cliff Walk near Elysian Lookout and on the track on from Olympian Lookout.

    •    Clear the current track and undertake some other upgrade work – sandstone step treatments re-establishing drains etc. and open it so that the Grand Cliff Top Walk can open in 2023. 

    •    Council has a $2.4 million to fund the toilet facilities, car park and potentially other elements of the upgrade.

    Why have a masterplan if you don’t have the money to implement it?

    • The master planning process provides an opportunity to shape the future of how local and visitors access natural areas. 
    • Having a masterplan also supports Council bids for grant funding to implement the plan. It is considered better management to have a plan without funding than incidental funding with no plan.

    What is the difference between Council’s proposal and the NPWS proposition for an elevated boardwalk?

    • Both proposals have the same objective to provide universal access for people of all ages and abilities to access and enjoy an experience of nature, the National Park and the stunning clifftop / view.
    • Council's plan applies to the whole precinct and addresses the need for improvements to visitor and reserve facilities – toilets, parking, picnic areas etc.