What is happening at Glenbrook Park?

    Glenbrook District Park Playground (Stage 2) builds on the existing junior play space with new inclusive play elements for kids aged seven to 12 years. The upgrade will include extra playground equipment and no reduction to the junior play space will occur. The additional playground will extend out towards the oval. 

    The new playground includes equipment chosen by the community. We had more than 600 submissions via our Funbobulator – an online tool – that told us what the community wanted at this new play space.  The chosen equipment includes: 

    • a 5.4-metre climbing rope tower with tunnel slide
    • a 20-metre double flying fox with two seats including one suitable for smaller children or those needing support
    • five additional swings including a multiperson nest swing suitable for those who need some back support
    • two trampolines, one large enough for a wheelchair
    • monkey bars
    • a timber balance trail
    • a range of sensory and imagination stimulating components.

    How were the designs and features determined?

    In 2019, we asked the community what they would like to see at Glenbrook District Park. 

    We held a pop-up event to gather initial community feedback. We then invited the community to use our interactive digital tool, the Funbobulator, to select their favourite playground equipment. More than 600 people used the tool and rated each piece of playground equipment in order of preference.

    The process was invaluable in helping us determine what the community wanted and needed and it empowered community members to play a key part in the decision-making process.

    Guided by this feedback, we released our first round of draft designs and asked the community to comment further on these and on the layout, style and play elements. We sought out those with special needs to ensure everyone can play at this new space.

    Based on the second round of community feedback, as well as on budget, safety, accessibility and site constraints, we finalised the elements and designs of the Park.

    What elements of the park will remain the same?

    The junior play space will remain the same.

    The new playground has been designed carefully around the existing trees.

    The picnic shelters will have to move but will be re-installed nearby. 

    The carpark will be temporarily reduced in size during the construction phase, but will be back to normal once the additional play space opens. 

    What other new elements are there?

    There will be:

    • another shade structure
    • more seating and picnic tables 
    • quiet corners 
    • additional tree planting.

    There will also be a new entrance to the playground that will feature reused and recycled elements continuing the ‘old transport’ theme.

    Will the playground be fenced?

    Yes, the playground will be fully fenced.

    How is it inclusive?

    The design caters for children and carers with additional needs through:

    • accessible pathways and accessible softfall areas
    • play items with back support
    • a trampoline capable of handling a wheelchair
    • the variety of play opportunities
    • fencing
    • quiet corners
    • shade.

    I voted for play items that haven’t been included in the final designs Why not?

    In finalising all elements and features, we have to take into account other input from members of the community, as well as costs, location and safety. 

    Based on this it’s not feasible to include all elements but we have weighed up community preference and inclusivity with what is achievable, based on site constraints and budget, to come up with the final designs.

    Why are there no water features in the design?

    Water features are very costly to install and to run; requiring water treatment systems similar to those of swimming pools.  Given the proximity of Glenbrook Pool and Jellybean Pool, to the new playground, it was decided to spend the budget on extra play elements instead of water play.  

    Will the new playground cater for older and younger children?

    This extension of the play space is primarily aimed at seven to 12 year olds and will complement the existing junior playground.  

    With the oval also available for casual ball games, Glenbrook Park will become an even greater family recreation precinct for all ages and abilities.

    A youth space for those over 12 years old is currently being designed for Buttenshaw Park.  Click here to go to the web page for that project 

    When is the Glenbrook District Park Playground (Stage 2) being installed?

    The successful tender is currently being finalised and works are scheduled to commence before Christmas this year.   

    The special large climbing frame with tunnel slide is coming from Germany.  

    The shipping time, especially given COVID-19 impacts, means that the work will not be finished until January.  But it will be worth the wait.  

    Who is funding this upgrade?

    All four district parks in the Blue Mountains will receive upgrades valued collectively at more than $5.2 million, thanks to funding received through the Western Parkland City Liveability Program, part of the Western Sydney City Deal (WSCD). 

    The WSCD is a 20 year-agreement between Australian and NSW governments, and the eight local Councils of the Western Parkland City. The Liveability Program is one of six pillars of the WSCD and will deliver improved community facilities and public spaces, and enhance liveability.

    What is a District Park?

    There are four major District Parks in the Blue Mountains. They provide high quality public park spaces that are accessible, inclusive and feature quality design and amenities.

    Each of these parks will embrace a theme to create a range of experiences across the mountains that builds on each park’s current strength and setting.

    Will the other District Parks be receiving an upgrade?

    All four district parks in the Blue Mountains – including Springwood’s Buttenshaw Park, Wentworth Falls Lake Park and Blackheath Soldiers Memorial Park – will received upgrades totalling more than $5.2 million as part of this program of works. Glenbrook Park will be the first to be constructed; other works are currently in the design stage.