What is the Delivery Program and Operational Plan?

    The Delivery Program 2017-2021 outlines the Council's commitment, during its four-year term, to implementing the objectives of the Blue Mountains Community Strategic Plan 2035.

    The Operational Plan 2019-2020 provides more detail on what services the Council will be delivering over the next 12 months, and how much money is available to deliver those services. 

    More information on Council's Integrated Plans can be found on our website.

    The Council is also required to report back to community on the progress being made in implementing these plans.

    What services does the Council provide?

    • Aquatic and Leisure Centres
    • Building Certification
    • Burials and Ashes Placement
    • City Presentation
    • City-wide Strategic Planning
    • Commercial Activities
    • Community Development
    • Cultural Development
    • Economic Development and Tourism
    • Emergency Management
    • Environmental Health and Regulatory Compliance
    • Family Day Care
    • Land Use Management
    • Libraries and Information
    • Natural Environment
    • Resource Recovery and Waste Resource Management
    • Sport and Recreation
    • Transport and Public Access
    • Water Resource Management

    The Council also provides Civic Leadership services which include:

    • Those services that deliver strategic and governance functions such as Councillor and Corporate Operations, Corporate Strategy, Governance and Risk, Strategic Asset Planning, Strategic Finance; and
    • Those services that provide operational support for external service delivery such as Human Resources, Fleet, Central Warehousing and Purchasing, Corporate Communications and Marketing, Financial Management and Information Solutions.

    What assets and infrastructure does the Council own and manage?

    The Council provides, maintains and renews over $1.1 billion worth of built assets and manages 10,000 hectares of bushland, including the following: 

    • Endangered Ecological Communities and Threatened Species
    • Cemeteries (including fencing, pathways and garden beds)
    • Buildings for child care centres and preschools
    • Tourist parks, residential buildings, commercial buildings
    • Public halls and community centre buildings
    • Buildings for the Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Services and fire trails
    • Buildings for cultural development (including the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre and the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub), monuments, public art
    • Buildings for libraries
    • Depots and administration buildings
    • Aquatic and fitness centres, parks (including public toilets and shelters), sportgrounds, playing courts, skate parks, walking tracks and lookouts
    • Visitor Information Centres and Echo Point Lookout and associated infrastructure
    • Street furniture, litter bins, community notice boards, garden beds, public toilets
    • Guardrails, signs, marked crossings, round-a-bouts, pedestrian refuges
    • Roads (sealed and unsealed), footpaths, bridges, carparks, bus shelters
    • Kerb & gutter, pipes, pits, open channels, stormwater quality improvement devices
    • Waste management facilities