How can I have my say about this project?

    Community input will be sought at several points throughout the project for both the long-term vision (via the Plan of Management process) and for the stage one designs. 

    Current opportunities: You can have your say on the draft Masterplan and draft concept designs for the NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program works until Wednesday 13 April.

    You can also click the subscribe button to the right of this page to receive updates, including opportunities to participate in future community consultation.

    What is a Masterplan?

    A Masterplan is a detailed plan that guides future design and development for public spaces. It outlines developments which improve function and access; recognises, respects and enhances the existing character; and facilitate social activity and amenity for both residents and visitors. 

    Masterplans must be endorsed by Council.

    Is there a Plan of Management for this project?

    This upgrade is informed by recommendations from a previous Conservation Management Plan. A Plan of Management will be developed as part of the consultation process for this project, to inform future works.

    Will the long-term health of the oak trees be considered in this upgrade?

    This upgrade includes the construction of an accessible boardwalk between the Corridor of Oaks ‘Prime Minister Trees’, which will help the resilience of the oak trees by limiting foot traffic around the trees.

    Will there be improvements to Jackson Park in this upgrade?

    Yes. The project will be delivered on two sides of Sir Henry Parade:

    • the northern Corridor of Oaks side will focus on heritage values, and 
    • the southern Jackson Park side will focus on supporting infrastructure and neighbourhood park facilities, including an accessible toilet block and picnic facilities. 

    Will the play equipment at Jackson Park be included in this upgrade?

    No. A separate grant is being sought for improvements to the play space.

    Will traffic and parking be addressed in this upgrade?

    This upgrade includes the construction of formalised accessible parking, where permissible. Further parking and traffic options are being considered in line with other current investigations.

    Will this upgrade include improvements to Faulconbridge Cemetery?

    No. However, works were completed in 2021 to refurbish the grave site of Sir Henry Parkes grave, at Faulconbridge Cemetery. The works included:

    • repointing and retooling of sandstone blockwork
    • cleaning of the headstones
    • regilding of the gold lettering to the inscriptions
    • pinning of the Sir Henry Parkes headstone in line with relevant Australian Standards.

    Will this upgrade include opportunities to improve pedestrian access between the two historic sites of Faulconbridge cemetery and the Corridor of Oaks?

    No. Council has explored opportunities for pedestrian access between the two historic sites of Faulconbridge Cemetery and the Corridor of Oaks. However it was deemed unfeasible due to the steep terrain between the sites.

    When is construction expected to start?

    Construction is expected to start in the second half of 2022.

    When is the project expected to finish?

    The project is expected to be completed will be completed in July 2023.