What will the survey be used for?

The results of the survey will assist Council in several areas of management, such as:

1/ Introduction of trial Wildlife Protection Areas (WPAs);

2/ Review of Council's draft Companion Animal Management Plan 2011-2014 (currently on public exhibition click here );

3/ Understanding of community perceptions about the impacts of domestic and feral animals upon native wildlife in council's bushland reserves and in the Blue Mountains National Park;

4/ Further development of community education programs to encourage responsible cat and dog ownership and wildlife protection.

This survey will provide an opportunity to gauge community opinion on WPAs and any associated increased companion animal regulation and/or feral animal control that may be required in these areas. In addition the survey will gauge the communities perceptions of the importance of companion and pest animal control compared with other environmental programs currently delivered by Council.

The survey will help inform discussion at a community forum to be held on Sunday 29 May exploring the issues of Wildlife Protection Areas, companion animal regulation, feral animal control and wildlife protection to be held in partnership with the World Heritage Institute and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (Blue Mountains Region).

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Consultation has concluded

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