Current Recovery Issues - have your say

about 6 years ago

What do you believe to be the current issues and challenges faced by bushfire-affected residents and communities?  You can make your own comment and/or respond to an existing comment.

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This project has been wrapped up.

  • Mountain Voice about 6 years ago
    Preparations for future bush fires should include; 1. Suitable back roads that link up all the Mountain villages. At the moment it is possible to drive considerable distances across the Mountains if the Highway was closed by a fire but there are still many villages where it is not possible to get to the next village by a back road which would leave people stranded if the Highway was closed. 2. The Council needs to change its tree removal policy. People in all areas should be permitted to remove trees within 10 metres of their house. It seems rather wrong-headed that the NSW Government only chose areas in the Mountains that have been devastated in the past and left out other areas including conservation areas. Clearly the build up of potential fuel in the National Park will mean the next dangerous fire could hit previously unaffected areas. Everywhere has the same risk. At the very least, the Council should allow people in those areas to remove trees within 3 metres of their house which is standard practice in most other Councils. Removing the potential threats to people's lives is far more important that protecting so-called skyline views. 3. Clearings for helicopters to land, in case of emergency evacuations near isolated housing areas such as Mt. Wilson.
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